List of Items for Household Pet First Aid Kits

We've talked about the importance of having a pet first aid kit in the event of a natural disaster in this blog post here, but it's also worth mentioning the benefit of having one for any time use. Just like you have a first aid kit for humans in your home, you should also have one handy for the pups in your life. Even if you already have a pet first aid kit prepped, it's always a good idea to make sure that the supplies haven't expired or run out.

Here are the most essential items to remember when stocking your pet first aid kit:

  • Absorbent gauze pads – various sizes, nonstick
  • Adhesive tape – athletic tape or vet wrap works well
  • Cotton balls or swabs - both
  • Fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting (always check with veterinarian or animal poison control expert before giving to your pet)
  • Milk of magnesia/activated charcoal (always check with vet/animal poison control expert before giving to your pet)
  • Ice pack – first aid specific, single use
  • Disposable gloves
  • Scissors with blunt end – or utility scissors with angled blade
  • Tweezers
  • OTC antibiotic ointment
  • Oral syringe or small turkey baster
  • Liquid dish washing detergent (for bathing)
  • Towels
  • Small flashlight
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Styptic powder
  • Saline eye solution
  • Artificial tear gel
  • Digital pet thermometer
  • Poop bags
  • Phone number, clinic name, address of your veterinarian as well as local veterinary emergency clinics.