DIY Grooming: Dog Brush Basics

Owner brushing his dog

Grooming is an important part of pet ownership that can often get overlooked! While we're home during these challenging times, it's important to maintain a DIY grooming routine for your dog to help him or her look and feel better, especially as the weather warms up. You can start with brushing your dog's coat to remove excess hair and to significantly cut down on the amount of shedding you may have to deal with. Brushing your pup is also a great way to check your dog for lumps, ticks, fleas, hair mats, cuts, and anything else that looks unusual.

While brushing your dog is pretty basic, you do need to understand the type of coat your dog has to determine how often you need to brush it and what type of brush to use. You can ask your vet or groomer for individual instructions but here are some general rules on the basics of dog grooming brushes: