Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs

Holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving, which is a fun and social time for many households, but it’s not always fun for your pets. Here are some safety tips to keep your pet safe when you host Thanksgiving in your home.

1. Prepare your pet for guests with some extra exercise, toys, and safe treats to keep them calm and out of the way during any household festivities:

  • Extra exercise, play time, and walks prior to visitors can help distress your pet and be less excitable when guests arrive
  • Long-lasting treats like frozen baby food in Kongs or digestible bones can give your pet something to do while you and your guests cook and eat

2. Make sure your guests know not to feed your pet any table scraps, so they don’t accidentally give him something dangerous like turkey/chicken bones, alcohol, or chocolate and prevent any upset stomach from excess rich and unfamiliar food.

  • You can block off the kitchen/dining area with baby gates or put your pet in a different room while your guests dine

3. If your pet gets overly excited OR nervous when guests arrive, put him in a separate room, crate, or enclosed outdoor space while the guests filter in and settle. Not all pets can handle large, rowdy groups!

  • You can choose to let him out once the guests settle, or keep him separate and give him a fun toy or treat to occupy him in the meantime
  • If large, busy groups make your dog too nervous, consider talking to your vet about the possibility of medication or boarding your pet at a trustworthy location like Camp Bow Wow

4. Ensure your pet has his collar and identification tags on with guests coming into the home in the event that he slips out the door.

5. Keep an eye on your pet throughout the day and watch for any changes in behavior, body language, or stress level that indicate he needs a break.

  • Put your pet in a separate room, part of the house, or crate if he needs a break from the crowd and check on him frequently

6. And finally, if you plan to do any post-Thanksgiving shopping, please leave your pets safely at home!