How Camp Bow Wow Uses Social Media to Build Brand Awareness

taking a picture of small dog

Over the years, social media has evolved from a fun way to connect with friends and family members to an integral part of any business's marketing strategy. But as COVID-19 swept across the United States, the importance of social media became that much more apparent. Over the past few years, businesses have relied on social media to connect with their audience and share updates, and Camp Bow Wow is no different.

Using Social Media Strategically

Social media is an incredible tool that virtually every business owner has at their fingertips. But in order to be truly successful, it’s important for a business to understand who their target customers are and what platforms they’re active on.


“We’ve done a lot of customer research over the years to understand the demographics and lifestyle attributes of our customers and what social media networks they use regularly so we can better focus our efforts,” says Christy Barnes, Vice President of Marketing at Camp Bow Wow. “It’s more successful to do fewer channels really well than to spread yourself too thin trying to have a presence on every new network that comes onto the scene,” she says.


As a national franchise, we have a vibrant corporate presence on Facebook and Instagram, as well as location pages for each Camp. However, Camps are never far from support, and that includes online marketing efforts. Each of our franchisees is encouraged to use our library of past social media posts, organic images, and videos to create a social presence that excites and engages with their audience.


“Being able to effectively communicate your brand’s values helps people connect the dots between your product or service and your mission,” says Barnes. “We exist to make dogs happy, which is a really fun story to tell on social media.”

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