Common Behavioral Problems in Newly Adopted Dogs

new puppy corgi

There’s no better feeling than adopting a dog in need and giving them the fur-ever home they’ve always deserved. And while rescue dogs add a lot of love to your life, it’s also common for them to have experienced past traumas that affect how they behave once they walk through your door.

Helping Your New Dog Find Peace in Your Home

Fortunately, a lot of love, training, and patience can correct certain behavioral issues and allow you and your pup to live a happy, healthy life. After coming home, many pets experience:

Stress and Anxiety

Many dogs who have spent their lives in and out of shelters have lacked structure, support, and comfort. This can cause them to act out when in new places and experience extreme separation anxiety.

Destructive Behavior

While a normal amount of chewing is normal, most pet parents don’t want their pup eating their couch or shoes. It’s important to remember that destructive behavior isn’t simply your dog “being bad,” but how they deal with stress, frustration, a lack of exercise, and a lack of mental stimulation.

House Training Regression

Most people understand that part of the responsibility that comes with adopting a young puppy is potty training. But it’s important to know that even older dogs can struggle with going to the bathroom at the right time.

While an older dog was likely potty-trained years ago, they may regress when in a shelter if they’re not allowed out often enough. And because your home is filled with new smells, they may find the need to mark their territory.

Adjusting a dog to their new home may not be easy, and it’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a quick fix in these situations. Here at Camp Bow Wow, we put your dog’s needs first — exercise, socialization, mental stimulation, and training.

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