Pool Safety Tips for Your Dog This Summer

With summer in full swing, pools are open and ready to be enjoyed by every member of the family — Fido included. If you’re ready to hop into the pool with your furry friend this season, make sure you do everything possible to keep them safe.

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Water

  • Not all dogs can doggy paddle. Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and Newfoundlands are known for their natural ability to swim. But not all breeds share their love of the water. Many dogs aren’t natural-born swimmers — in fact, water can be dangerous for some breeds.
  • Think beyond breed. Breeds are often generalized. While it’s true some are better at swimming than others, you shouldn’t assume your dog can swim, even if their breed is known for it.
  • Always watch your dog in the pool. Even if your dog is a natural in the water, they should never be left alone in a pool unsupervised. Not only is there a risk of drowning, but too much time spent in chlorine water can irritate their skin. If your pup loves spending time in the water, make sure to check their skin every hour.
  • Start off slow. The last thing you should do is force your dog into the pool before they’re ready. Instead, start them on the steps or in a kiddie pool. Once they’re comfortable, you can move on to the deep end.
  • Invest in floaties. Floaties aren’t just for little kids anymore! If your dog loves the water but isn’t the best swimmer, a canine vest can help them enjoy the water safely.
  • Secure your pool. If you have an inground pool, make sure it’s secured with a fence. Just like little kids, it’s possible for your pup to fall in and get stuck.

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