Can My Dog be Allergic to Insect Bites?

If you’ve ever tried to sit outside on your patio after about 6pm, you know just how annoying (and sometimes downright painful) bug bites can be. But have you ever thought about what your pup might be experiencing when they’re let out early in the morning or late at night to burn off some extra energy? Unbeknownst to many pet parents, dogs can get bug bites.

Your Dog and Insect Bites

Every pet parent knows about fleas and ticks, but what about your everyday insect bites?

The Dangers of Mosquito Bites

  • Allergic reactions. If your pup is allergic to a bite, they may experience mild to severe symptoms that range from swelling and redness to hives.
  • Skin reactions. Even if your pup isn’t allergic to insect bites, excess scratching can lead to rips and tears in their skin, or general soreness.
  • The risk of disease. Mosquitoes are some of the greatest carriers of West Nile Virus, which your dog can contract if bitten by an infected mosquito.

Protecting Your Dog From Insect Bites

  • Stay inside when the sun rises and sets, which is when mosquitoes are most abundant and active.
  • Avoid spending time near still water, like swamps and lakes.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or artificial fragrances that attract mosquitoes when you’re out for a walk with your pup.
  • Never use human-grade repellent on your dog. You should also avoid repellent made for other pets, like cats, on your dog.

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