Keeping Your Cool this Summer as Business Booms

Being too busy — it’s a “problem” most businesses would love to have.

Summer — Peak Operating Times for Camp Bow Wow

The dog boarding business booms in the summer because:

  • People are vacationing. The most popular reason why people board their pups is because they’re heading out on their annual summer vacation. Whether they’ll be away for the weekend or the month, summer is the most popular time for our two-legged customers to travel.
  • Company comes over. It’s not uncommon for dog owners to board their pups in preparation for company, especially if their guests are older or allergic to dogs.
  • People move. With school finally out and the nice weather back, June and July are the most popular months for a move. Often times, people board their pups while in the process of showing their home or because they’re staying in a hotel until their new house is ready.
  • Home renovations are underway. A demoed kitchen is no place for a curious pup — that’s why many people choose to board their dog during construction.

Preparing for an Influx of Campers

Hire more Camp Counselors.

We have strict guidelines that say how many Campers one Camp Counselor can watch at once. If more and more Campers are joining your Pack, it’s time to hire more dog-loving, helping hands!

Require reservations for Day Camp.

Your reservation book will be your best fur-iend this summer. Encourage customers, even just for Day Camp, to book their stay in advance. This will help you as you schedule your staff and to ensure you have enough space for all Campers to play.

Ask Counselors to request off far in advance.

Just like your Campers’ parents are traveling the world over the summer, so are your Counselors! While you should encourage them to take time off and relax, just ask that they give you plenty of notice.

Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Remember those hours you spent reviewing resumes and looking for only the best of the best Counselors? This is where all that hard work will really pay off. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your staff — it’ll give you some much-needed downtime and them valuable experience.

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