Top 7 Interview Questions to Ask Dog Trainers

Dog on a leash

For a dog, going to doggie day care and attending dog training courses has proven fun and beneficial — just ask the pet parents of our current Campers. For a franchise owner, hiring the right Camp counselors and dog trainers can make all the difference in the overall experience those pups and their parents receive. Knowing what to ask as you search for the best dog trainers in the industry is key. To get you started, here are seven questions we recommend you ask during an interview when selecting a new trainer to join the Pack.

7 Interview Questions to Find Top-Dog Talent

1. What certifications do you hold that qualify you for a position at our Camp?
Of course, you’ll first want to make sure that the candidate is qualified for the job. For a refresher, visit The Association of Professional Dog Trainers online for a full list of acceptable certifications.

2. How do you handle friction between two dogs in your care?
Just like people, sometimes dogs can be grumpy. We’re committed to providing a safe environment for all pups, which means it’s important to hire a trainer who’s accustomed to keeping their cool and diffusing doggy disturbances.

3. What do you like the most about working with dogs?
The candidate should be able to articulate why they love what they do. Our business is built on a passion for helping furry friends and pet parents, and our staff members should share that passion, too.

4. Do you have any dogs of your own?
Remember, the number one rule for working at Camp Bow Wow is that “you must love dogs!”

5. Recall a time when you dealt with a difficult dog training issue. How did you handle it?
While rewarding, dealing with dogs and their parents can sometimes be difficult. You want to be confident in your candidate’s ability to think on their feet and remain calm under pressure.

6. Have do you decide on a training program for each dog?
No two dogs are created equal, which is something a good trainer should know. There’s no one-size-fits-all training solution, so it’s important to find out how your candidate plans to map out training programs for each individual dog.

7. What training methods do you use?
At Camp, we believe that positive training methods yield the best results. That’s why we only use reward-based training tactics. Make sure your training theories align!

Finding the right talent to train and care for your Campers is “ruff.” Fortunately for our franchise owners, these interview questions can help make it easier.

If you have a passion for dogs, opening your own a Camp Bow Wow may be just what you need to fuel that fire. Contact us at (870) 600-2713 to learn more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack, and don’t forget to request your free executive summary here!