Camp Birthdays are Budding Throughout April!

Dog Sitting in Dandelion Field

There’s plenty to be grateful for in April — warm weather, backyard barbecues, and eight Camp birthdays!

At Camp Bow Wow, we know that when one of our Camps succeeds, we all succeed! Each time our more than 150 Camps celebrate a birthday, we can’t help but howl with pride — that’s why we take the chance to honor them each month. Take a look below at the Camps that just got a little older and a little wiser!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

With three years of romping and rolling under their collar, it’s clear these Camps are working their tails off!

  • 4/15 Camp Bow Wow Fort Mill
  • 4/22 Camp Bow Wow Shelby Township

Happy 11th Birthday!

When you’ve spent more than a decade playing with pups, there’s no such thing as a ruff day at the office. Congrats on 11 years, Allentown!

  • 4/18 Camp Bow Wow Allentown

Happy 12th Birthday!

Twelve years is nothing to be sniffed at! Keep up the amazing work Camps.

  • 4/2 Camp Bow Wow St. Clair Shores
  • 4/6 Camp Bow Wow San Antonio Airport
  • 4/26 Camp Bow Wow Elk Grove

Happy 14th Birthday!

Keep chasing your dreams Camp Durham — you’re just one year away from the big 1-5!

  • 4/21 Camp Bow Wow Durham

Happy 15th Birthday!

As one of our oldest and most experienced Camps, all we can say is thank you fur all that you do!

  • 4/5 Camp Bow Wow Troy

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