Franchising Advice Worth Barking About

Whether this is your first or fortieth franchise — it’s easy to be overwhelmed when starting out. Each new franchise location you open, be it with a new brand or the same brand but in a new place, will be a unique experience of its own. While there are certainly models for success in place, there’s never just one cookie-cutter approach that works. This is exciting, in that no two days will ever be the same, but can also be a little worrisome.

Fortunately, there’s no need to fret! Camp Bow Wow is here to give you a few tidbits of advice that, in our opinion, are worth barking about!

Select your franchisor carefully.

There are so many franchise opportunities out there — some good, some not so good. Do your due diligence and research, research, research. It’s important to not only find a franchise with great growth potential and a proven model of success, but also one with a passionate mission. In our case, we’re all about the dogs!

Don’t be shy! Ask for help.

Every good franchisor has systems in place to get their new franchisees up and running, and the best franchisors also offer lifelong support! Take advantage of the systems and support that are available to you. Moral of the story, bark up and ask questions! We’re here to help answer them.

Choose a franchise mentor.

Besides the support available from your franchisor, you should also have a franchise mentor — or several. Developing strong relationships with a handful of trusted advisors in the franchise world can help you build a successful business. Attend as many networking functions as you can and learn from those you meet, whether they’re in your industry or not.