3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Scratching Himself

While it may not seem like a big deal for your fluffy friend to lift his leg and give a good scratch behind his ears, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Not to mention, it can exacerbate that existing problem.   

Common Reasons Why Dogs Scratch

Fleas or Ticks

A single flea or tick has the power to irritate the skin several inches around the bite site. Not only can these insects carry diseases, but they also cause a dog to scratch harder and more often.

Protect your dog from insect bites by getting any veterinarian-recommended shots and flea and tick preventatives. You should also avoid wooded areas and trails with high brush.


Unfortunately, man’s best friend isn’t exempt from seasonal or food allergies. Though spring is the most common time for allergies in pets, they can also be affected in the fall, winter, and summer. Take notice of your dog’s behavior throughout the year. If he starts acting up or scratching at the start of a new season, you may want to have him tested for allergies. Food allergies can also be causing your dog’s skin to bother him, so it’s important that you pay attention to any changes in his coat or behavior if you switch to a new food brand.


Mites are microscopic insects that burrow into your dog’s coat and feed on skin and blood to survive. Similar to the effects of a flea or tick bite, these intruders will irritate your pup’s skin and cause him to scratch.

The Danger in Scratching

Just like humans, it’s normal for dogs to scratch once in a while. But if you notice your dog is scratching more often and very aggressively, you should have him checked for one of the above causes. The major problem with scratching is that some dogs scratch so hard they cut their skin, leaving them uncomfortable and more susceptible to infection.

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