The Benefits of Adopting Older Dogs

Unfortunately, not all homes are “forever homes” for some dogs. For whatever reason, many dogs who once lived with a family end up in a shelter in their later years. While most families assume their dog will be adopted into a new home, that’s not always the case.

Puppies are the most popular option when it comes time to adopt a dog, but what many people don’t realize is that older dogs are often a better option for them and their lifestyle.

Why You Should Open Your Home to a Senior Dog

1. You’ll give a home to a dog in need.

Unfortunately, older dogs aren’t as in demand as puppies are, meaning they’re less likely to find a loving home. When you adopt an older dog, you’re quite literally saving a life.

2. They’re already trained.

It’s something every dog parent wishes they could skip — the potty training stage. But when you adopt an older dog, you can! Older dogs understand the basics and often know how to sit and stay before ever coming into your home.

3. You know their personality.

Older dogs have established personalities, meaning there won’t be any surprises come their first and second birthday. And because older dogs have reached full growth, you’ll never have to worry about how large they’ll grow.

4. They require less maintenance.

A high energy puppy requires constant monitoring and training. While all dogs deserve your love and attention, older dogs tend to spend their days relaxing, cuddling, and going on leisurely walks.

5. They provide great companionship.

Older dogs are often already socialized and know how to interact with other humans, meaning you can skip the training phase and get right to the snuggles.

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