Why More Parents are Joining the Franchise World

Any parent will tell you that providing for their children is their main concern. Though many parents are interested in entrepreneurship, the financial risk associated with starting a new business is often the number one deterrent. But because franchising is considered a safer investment, more and more parents are finding themselves drawn to it.

Franchising also provides benefits no ordinary job can, such as:

Flexible Hours

For most parents, a 9-5 workday is anything but ideal. While our franchisees certainly work hard, especially when their location is in its first year, they’re able to create a flexible schedule for themselves that takes life into consideration.

The Opportunity to Pass Down a Thriving Business

For many of our franchisees, owning a Camp is a family affair. Children who grow up around the business, love helping out, and are passionate about dogs are the ideal successors to an already thriving business.

Many of our franchisees view their Camp as their legacy, meaning they’re eager to watch their children take over “the family business” and create a happy and successful life for themselves.

Unlimited Professional Growth

It’s almost every working person’s dream — to be their own boss. As a Camp owner, you have the potential to grow in ways not possible at a traditional job. As the owner of your location, you’ll have your hand in everything from welcoming guests to training new employees.

Ownership also allows you to make decisions about your professional future — will you grow the business and take on more responsibilities, or continue operating as is?

If you do find yourself interested in expanding your location or opening up a second, you’ll be happy to know that we encourage multi-unit ownership! Not only does a second location present new opportunities, it also increases your overall revenue.

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