What to Know About Investing in a Pet Franchise

Does a dog’s wagging tail bring a smile to your face? Is coming home to your dog’s happy face the best part of your day? If you’ve always wanted to couple your love for dogs with your entrepreneurial spirit, a pet franchise may be just the answer you’ve been looking for!

1. A love for dogs comes first.

You can always learn best practices for running a dog day care. What you can’t learn is that overwhelming sense of joy that comes with seeing an adorable dog at the end of a long day. At Camp Bow Wow, our Campers come first in our hearts and at our jobs!

2. Read everything carefully.

If you’re new to the business world, as many of our franchise owners are, it’s important that you read everything you can get your hands on. More importantly, you have to understand what you’re reading. If you have questions about your FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), responsibilities as a franchise owner, zoning codes, laws pertaining to animal care, or anything else you can think of, we want you to ask them!

3. A franchise wants you to succeed.

When one of our franchise owners succeed, we all succeed. Unlike going into business for yourself, franchise owners have the full support of the franchise behind them. We encourage Camp owners to meet with each other regularly and ask questions. From profit margins to day-to-day Camp business, new franchise owners can rely on our veteran Camp owners.

4. Location will have a major effect on your business.

It’s the first rule of real estate for a reason — location, location, location! Once all the necessary paperwork has been signed and filed, most of our franchise owners are eager to get their Camp up and running as soon as possible. Though we know it’s easier said than done, take your time researching potential Camp locations, neighborhood demographics, and competition.

To learn more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack and invest in a bright future and a dog gonegood time, dial (870) 600-2713 or contact us online to request your free executive summary.