Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

You’ve planned your costume, bought candy, and already watched your favorite scary movie (twice) — needless to say, you’re ready for Halloween! Or are you?

When October 31 rolls around again, pet parents need to remember that this can be a confusing and potentially dangerous time for their furry friends. Thankfully, keeping your pet happy and safe doesn’t have to be too tricky.

Don’t Force Fido to Wear a Costume

While you may think he looks adorable in it, some dogs don’t like getting dressed up. Not only can a costume hurt your pup, if he spends the night trying to bite or scratch it off, but it can cause them to feel anxious and confused if they don’t like wearing clothes.

If He is Going to Wear a Costume, Make Sure It’s Weather Appropriate

Colder regions have less to worry about when it comes to this. If your pup lives in California, Texas, or a number of warmer weather states, make sure his costume isn’t too heavy.

Keep Treats Up and Away

Your candy bowl should be reserved for trick-or-treaters and trick-or-treaters only! Chocolate is very dangerous for dogs so it should be kept out of paw’s reach all day. If you have little ones, teach them never to feed the dog candy.

Keep Decorations Safe and Limited

An authentic jack-o-lantern, complete with a lit candle inside may look amazing, but it’s a serious fire hazard if your pup or a child bumps into it. Curious dogs can also get caught in fake cobwebs and other long hanging decorations, so it’s best to abide by a “less is more” mentality when it comes to decorating.

Make Sure You Pup is Easily Identifiable

The excitement of Halloween, coupled with the hundreds of people walking the streets in strange costumes, can make it easy for your pup to get lost or run away. If your dog is a runner, consider keeping him in a separate room while handing out candy. If he’ll be joining you for trick-or-treating, make sure he has a collar on with his name, address, and phone number on it.