The Numbers Behind the Pet Care Industry

Dog with a blue piggy bank

Did you know that nearly 45% of Millennial pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family or their “fur babies?” When you take into account that three-fourths of Americans in their 30s have at least one dog, that potential client pool starts to look pretty attractive!

While Millennials may be leading the charge in pet-love, Baby Boomers and Gen X aren’t far behind. When it comes down to it, people of all ages and demographics love their dogs and want to give them the best life possible. To do that, they’re willing to spend whatever it costs to make their best friend feel like a part of the family!

The Pet Care Industry by the Numbers

  • Pet insurance sales have increased more than 20% in the past five years.
  • In the past six years, the number of dogs-per-household has steadily increased.
  • Since 2001, pet parents have more than doubled what they spend on their pets.
  • Dogs continue to remain one of the most popular pets, with 83.3 million dogs living as domesticated pets in the U.S.

A Look at Pet Parents’ Behavior

  • Nearly 100% of pet parents give their furry friends a Christmas or Hanukkah present.
  • More than 90% of pet owners would put themselves in harm’s way to protect their pet.
  • 53% had taken time off of work to care for a sick pet.
  • 43% have a photo of their pet on their desk at work.
  • Roughly 63% of them celebrate their pet’s birthday each year.
  • In 2017, pet owners spent $70 million more on their pets than the previous year.
  • It’s estimated that pet owners will spend $72 billion on their fur-riends in 2018.

What Does this Mean for Camp Bow Wow?

What do we owe this major shift in pet care trends and spending habits to? Mostly, the way people think about their pets. Dogs are no longer helpers or there to provide safety — they’re a beloved and valued member of the family.

Camp Bow Wow is a Smart, Sustainable Business Venture

Regardless of where they live, Camp Bow Wow customers across the country all have one thing in common — they’re all dog lovers! For that reason, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep their pet happy and healthy.

Even when the Great Recession hit in the mid-2000s, Detroit Camp owner Ann Roth and her husband were among the few businesses that continued to succeed. “A lot of businesses didn’t make it. We made it through all of that,” Ann said. “That says something.”

Camp Bow Wow by the Numbers

  • In 2017, Camp Bow Wow generated $100 million in revenue.
  • Camp Bow Wow is positioned near the top of an industry that’s growing by 7% a year — three times as fast as the national economy.

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