Why Doggy Day Care Is Good For Social Development

In our opinion, doggy day care is the best innovation in pet care since the creation of the leash. Yeah, we said it, and we know what you might be thinking — “Aren’t they a little biased?” Admittedly, we may be, but there’s so much good that comes out of bringing dogs to Camp that we’re willing to bet we can convert you into a believer, too. Take social development for example. Doggy day care can have a profound impact on the way a dog socializes with other dogs and humans.

Why is socialization important for dogs?

Well for starters, learning how to socialize will make communicating better — between Fido and other dogs, as well as between Fido and you. Not only that, but a well-socialized dog will also be less likely to show aggression and become anxious in social situations. If you keep a dog cooped up at home alone, it only makes sense that he’ll be skittish when it comes time to interact with new people and fur pals.

A properly socialized dog will:

  • Be able to adapt and handle everyday stress more easily.
  • Demonstrate self-control and self-calming skills in unfamiliar situations.

How can Camp Bow Wow help socialize your dog?

We’re so happy you asked! There are so many great ways that our Campers can become socialized, all while having fun with furry friends. Some of these include:

  • Alleviating boredom and loneliness, which can often manifest as anxiety that causes unruly behavior over time.
  • Facilitating socialization with people and pups of all types. That way, he or she becomes used to being friendly with the unfamiliar.
  • Providing the necessary exercise to keep your dog healthy, while also teaching him or her how to assimilate as a member of the Pack.
  • Offering the opportunity to prevent and correct destructive behavior that can occur when a dog is home alone and unsupervised.

Our Camp owners are afforded the opportunity to offer a safe place for dogs to romp and learn with furry friends under the skillful care and supervision of our certified Camp counselors.

To learn more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow WowPack and invest in a bright future and a doggone good time, dial (870) 600-2713 or contact usonline to request your free executive summary.