We’re Kicking Off Summer With a June Birthday Celebration

Dog Wearing Sunglasses and Sitting by Beach Accessories

The weather is warming up, but that’s not the only thing we have to celebrate about! In June, we get to shower 12 Camps with extra special birthday love, and we couldn’t be more proud. So, without further ado, please give a warm, tail-wagging welcome to our June Camp babies, as we kick summer off in true doggy day care style.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years of romping with the Pack and a whole lot more fun that’s yet to come!

  • 6/17 Camp Bow Wow McKinney
  • 6/26 Camp Bow Wow Westminster
  • 6/28 Camp Bow Wow Mid City

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Triple tail wag for our Lawrence Camp, turning three in 2018!

  • 6/12 Camp Bow Wow Lawrence

Happy 6th Birthday!

Six years of ruff’ing around our Bixby Camp’s indoor and outdoor play yards — what could be better?

  • 6/15 Camp Bow Wow Bixby

Happy 7th Birthday!

Seven years of Camp life has come and gone, and we’d say that deserves a round of appaws.

  • 6/9 Camp Bow Wow Ann Arbor

Happy 9th Birthday!

Only one year until double, dog digits! Make that year a great one.

  • 6/26 Camp Bow Wow Concord

Happy 10th Birthday!

Congratulations to our Bentonville Camp for celebrating 10 successful years running with the Pack.

  • 6/27 Camp Bow Wow Bentonville

Happy 11th Birthday!

It’s your luckiest birthday yet — year number 11. Don’t forget to make a wish!

  • 6/12 Camp Bow Wow Lawrenceville
  • 6/25 Camp Bow Wow Halifax
  • 6/27 Camp Bow Wow Tri Valley

Happy 13th Birthday!

Welcome to your teenage years, Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater! We hope they’re filled with treats!

  • 6/27 Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater

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