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Tips to Keep Dogs Hydrated Year-Round

Tips to Keep Dogs Hydrated Year-Round

Fall is in full swing countrywide, which means the warm weather will start winding down soon — if it hasn’t already, that is! This begs the question: As a Camp owner, do you still have to worry about Campers becoming dehydrated, even as the temperatures continue to plummet? …The answer? A resounding YES! While the summer sun might make pups more susceptible to dehydration, the current climate isn’t the only thing that can factor into their daily hydration equation.

How much does the dog weigh?

Consider the weight of each of your Campers in order to figure out just how much water they should be consuming on a daily basis. Generally speaking, a healthy dog is expected to drink between one-half to one ounce of water, per pound of bodyweight, per day. For example, if Fido the French Bulldog weighs 22 pounds, he should drink between 11-22 ounces in a given day.

What is the dog’s diet like?

Depending on what Fido is fed, he may already be eating his way to his daily water consumption goal. Don’t forget to factor in the ratio of dry-to-wet food! Realize that dogs with a moisture-rich diet may not need to, nor want to, drink as much water as those on primarily dry-food diets.

How old and active is the dog?

Older dogs who may not be as active won’t need nearly as much water as rambunctious puppies. In fact, a young pup will usually drink small amounts of water multiple times per day, which is why having a full bowl at the ready is always so important.

As a Camp owner, you’re tasked with the grrr-reat big responsibility of not only keeping Campers happy but safe and healthy as well. And, what a fantastic job it is! Playing with pups all day, all while providing peace of mind to the working or vacationing pet parents in your area. It’s not surprising that so many folks are wagging their tails with excitement to get in on the Camp Bow Wow action — and you can too!

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