Let’s Put Our Paws Together For The January Camp Bow Wow Birthdays!

Each month we set aside some time to honor our greatest assets – our franchise owners and their Camps! With over 130 Camps across North America, and more in the works already for 2017, there’s no doubt that we owe all that Camp Bow Wow has become to the success of our dedicated franchisees. So, without further ado, we’d like to celebrate all those franchises established during the month of January over the years.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Yip, yip hooray! Three cheers for our Hicksville Camp that’s turning three this year.

  • 1/24 Camp Bow Wow Hicksville

Happy 4th Birthday!

Paws up for a high-four to Meridian, celebrating their fourth birthday as a Camp.

  • 1/19 Camp Bow Wow Meridian

Happy 9th Birthday!

Three K-9 Camps turn nine this month, and two of them came from the same litter!

  • 24 Camp Bow Wow Anaheim
  • 1/14 Camp Bow Wow Peoria
  • 1/14 Camp Bow Wow Carmel

Happy 10th Birthday!

Turning 10 is an incredible feat, but remember – don’t stop retrievin’! There are plenty more prosperous years ahead!

  • 1/31 Camp Bow Wow Midland Park

The pet care industry is growing faster each year, and Camp Bow Wow is right there with it! With pet parents spending an average of $60 billion dollars annually on their pets nationwide, the promise of a prosperous future is bright for current and prospective franchise owners. This year, we have high hopes of opening our 150th Camp – will it be yours?

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack, and invest in a lucrative future and doggone good time, dial (870) 600-2713or request your free executive summary here!