How to Make Your Camp The Talk of The Town

Camp is fun, exciting and an absolutely essential part of each and every dog’s daily routine, right? We sure think so! Now, how do we make sure that pet parents in your local area agree? Fortunately, we’ve already cracked that code, and we’re ready to share our secrets with our fellow franchisees.

3 Ways to Take Your Doggy Day Care to The Top

  • Keep up with appearances. No, we don’t mean you have to send furry representatives out to your local community meetings — though admittedly, that might not be such a bad idea! We’re talking about the first impression your Camp makes on the community. Keep things neat, clean and inviting both inside and out — including your parking lot, window displays, check-in area and of course, your play yards and cabins.
  • Give them something to bark about. It’s no secret that a great customer service experience can go a long way. On the flipside, news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. Woof! Make sure you’re enlisting helpful, smiling, pet lovers to help you build a loyal following.
  • On that note, stay loyal! Don’t forget to cater to your loyal fans because they’re your biggest and best brand ambassadors. Treat your loyal customer base the way they deserve to be treated and we can guarantee you’ll improve both current customer retention as well as new customer acquisition. Word of mouth is a powerful thing!

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