How To Maintain A Paws-itive Work Environment

As a franchise owner, two things should be most important to you; your pups and your people. Of course by this, we mean the exceptional employees and Campers that come in each day. Owning your own Camp Bow Wow location is a rewarding experience, but the upkeep is also an extremely crucial portion of the business model — and your work environment matters. From the happy canines who share your space to the employees who keep everything running as it should, your work environment is important. Here are a few ways to make it better than ever.

Reward Your Employees

Working hard is always part of the job, and a reward every now and again goes a long way! Showing your employees that you recognize their hard work and dedication is a great way to let them know that you’re more than just someone in a leadership role — you’re working alongside them to help them grow! This reward can be in the form of anything from coffee in the morning to just a few words of encouragement at the end of their day.

Bring Everyone Together

Working as a team is what makes every process that much smoother — and it’s certainly much easier with the everyone’s paw-ticipation! Teaching the core values of what it means to be a team player as well as a team leader is what sets employees apart from star employees. If you’re working toward making everyone in your location better, chances are they’ll also project that to others around them. Morale is a key component!

Keep Customers Happy

Pet parents love to see that the experience they’re investing in is paying off — and your Camp will do just that! Recognize what they’re looking for and what they like about the experience, and they’ll keep coming back for more visits. Your hard work and our structure is why we had 3.3 million visits last year!

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