How Camp Bow Wow Makes Dog Ownership Easier

At Camp Bow Wow, our main goal is to alleviate the guilt and stress of being a busy pet parent by providing exceptional services for furry friends across North America. While boarding and day care are traditionally the bread and butter of our success, we also offer a variety of additional services to both enrich our canine care and provide upsell opportunities for franchise owners.

Comfortable Boarding

Gone are the days of shipping pets away to uncomfortable kennels, where they’ll be forced to lay around in cages on cement floors all day. At Camp Bow Wow, we’ve disrupted the traditional kennel model with our premier, temperature-controlled facilities with comfy cots, cozy fleeces and a devoted, dog-loving staff. On top of that, we offer premium Cabin options and private accommodations, as well as Campfire Treats™ at tuck-in after a long day of play.

Premier Day Care

For those dogs who crave constant attention and social interaction, sitting home alone while mommy and daddy go off to work each day just won’t do. Fortunately, we’ve solved that problem with our doggy day care option! Each of our Camps is equipped with spacious indoor and outdoor play areas for endless hours of supervised fun.

Full-Service Grooming

Let’s face it, nobody wants a smelly dog! For that reason, select Camp owners have chosen to add full-service grooming capabilities to their repertoire. That way, pet parents can have boarding, day care and pet hygiene services offered all in the same place – the perfect upsell opportunity!

Top-Notch Training

Many Camps have their own Behavior Buddies Trainers who work to ensure that each dog they meet is well-trained and on his best behavior, always. Beyond the basics of sit, stay and roll over, these trainers use a reward-based approach to coax pets out of bad habits for good.

In-Home Pet Care

Some of our pet parents have a hard time fitting dog day care and boarding into their schedule, which is why our Home Buddies program works to fit into theirs instead. For pets who are too young, have special needs, or are of the non-canine variety, we offer in-home pet care services.

As a franchise owner, you’ll have the opportunity to offer pet parents all this and more! Besides the basics of boarding, day care, training and grooming, Camp Bow Wow franchisees can also provide a whole lot of love. It’s that love and special attention that allows our business to stand out among the rest in the industry.