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Help Us Celebrate November Camp Bow Wow Birthdays!

Help Us Celebrate November Camp Bow Wow Birthdays!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Congratulations, you’ve got your first year of running with the pack under your collar.

  • 11/17 Camp Bow Wow Greenville
  • 11/30 Camp Bow Wow Concord

Happy 4th Birthday!

Your puppy years are well behind you, but your future is barking bright!

  • 11/16 Camp Bow Wow Tucson

Happy 5th Birthday!

Congratulations! You’ve hit your 5 year milestone. That’s 35 in dog years!

  • 11/30 Camp Bow Wow Near The Woodlands

Happy 7th Birthday!

On November 13, 2009 we welcomed not 1, not 2, but 3 new franchise locations to the pack.

  • 11/13 Camp Bow Wow Cherry Hill
  • 11/13 Camp Bow Wow Delaware North
  • 11/13 Camp Bow Wow Duncanville

Happy 8th Birthday!

November of 2008 had a rather large litter, of 6 new franchisees to be exact.

  • 11/7 Camp Bow Wow Rochester
  • 11/10 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh North
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Austin
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Charleston
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Kemah
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Olathe

Happy 9th Birthday!

For 9 years we’ve been lucky enough to share long walks through the park. That calls for a paw-ty!

  • 11/5 Camp Bow Wow Plymouth
  • 11/29 Camp Bow Wow Cedar Rapids

Happy 11th Birthday!

After 11 long years of companionship, we’re still wagging our tails for many more!

  • 11/10 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh Southwest

Happy 13th Birthday!

Last but not least, an ode to one of our oldest doggy day cares, the 3rd to set up camp overall.

  • 11/8 Camp Bow Wow Castle Rock

Each month we continue to welcome new franchisees into the Camp Bow Wow family, and it’s no surprise why. While the $60 billion pet care industry is growing at a robust 5% annual rate, Camp Bow Wow is growing almost three times as fast, with 13% year-over-year revenue growth.* In fact, in 2015 alone, Camp Bow Wow franchises generated nearly $100 million in revenue.