Help Us Celebrate November Camp Bow Wow Birthdays!

Dogs with Birthday Balloons

Happy 1st Birthday!

Congratulations, you’ve got your first year of running with the pack under your collar.

  • 11/17 Camp Bow Wow Greenville
  • 11/30 Camp Bow Wow Concord

Happy 4th Birthday!

Your puppy years are well behind you, but your future is barking bright!

  • 11/16 Camp Bow Wow Tucson

Happy 5th Birthday!

Congratulations! You’ve hit your 5 year milestone. That’s 35 in dog years!

  • 11/30 Camp Bow Wow Near The Woodlands

Happy 7th Birthday!

On November 13, 2009 we welcomed not 1, not 2, but 3 new franchise locations to the pack.

  • 11/13 Camp Bow Wow Cherry Hill
  • 11/13 Camp Bow Wow Delaware North
  • 11/13 Camp Bow Wow Duncanville

Happy 8th Birthday!

November of 2008 had a rather large litter, of 6 new franchisees to be exact.

  • 11/7 Camp Bow Wow Rochester
  • 11/10 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh North
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Austin
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Charleston
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Kemah
  • 11/14 Camp Bow Wow Olathe

Happy 9th Birthday!

For 9 years we’ve been lucky enough to share long walks through the park. That calls for a paw-ty!

  • 11/5 Camp Bow Wow Plymouth
  • 11/29 Camp Bow Wow Cedar Rapids

Happy 11th Birthday!

After 11 long years of companionship, we’re still wagging our tails for many more!

  • 11/10 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh Southwest

Happy 13th Birthday!

Last but not least, an ode to one of our oldest doggy day cares, the 3rd to set up camp overall.

  • 11/8 Camp Bow Wow Castle Rock

Each month we continue to welcome new franchisees into the Camp Bow Wow family, and it’s no surprise why. While the $60 billion pet care industry is growing at a robust 5% annual rate, Camp Bow Wow is growing almost three times as fast, with 13% year-over-year revenue growth.* In fact, in 2015 alone, Camp Bow Wow franchises generated nearly $100 million in revenue.