FOX 61 Spotlight: Camp Bow Wow South Windsor

“What is not to love about dogs?” Asked Tami Sarra-Romejko, owner of Camp Bow Wow South Windsor. “I have grown up with dogs my whole life,” she goes on to explain to the FOX 61 News team, which may be one of the reasons why business is booming. After all, “must love dogs” is a franchisee requirement for a reason!

According to Tami and FOX 61, our friends at Camp Bow Wow South Windsor typically have anywhere from 90 to 100 Campers romping around doggy day care on any given day. As you can imagine, that’s a whole lot of barking, wagging, and slobbery kissing at once. But that’s okay, because “seeing them roll in the door and seeing how happy and excited they are” makes Tami “literally just laugh and smile.” There’s nothing we’d love more. “They make your day,” she dishes.

Why did Tami become a Camp owner?

Tami is a mother of three, and as such, her Camp has become somewhat of a family affair. After her divorce in 2008, she knew she wanted to find a career that allowed her to be a full-time mom, all while running a business. “There wasn’t a person out there who didn’t think I was completely nuts,” said Tami. Still, she persevered and found a way to do both, all while incorporating her love of dogs into the mix — a key piece that Tami’s daughter, Nicole Sarra, credits for their family’s success.

How does Camp Bow Wow South Windsor succeed?

It’s simple. Tami, her daughters and their team love dogs, and pet parents in South Windsor do too. Take Brittany Hills for example, and her pit bull Stella — a regular at Camp Bow Wow. “…Being a dog lover, I always feel guilty with my high-energy dogs leaving them at home all the time,” said Brittany. She went on to admit that parting with her beloved pups does come at a cost, but one she’s willing to pay based on the service she receives at Camp.

“We do have an app for the iPhone and Android, so when I talk to new customers I always joke you’re not away from your dog, they’re always in your pocket!”