Dr. John Hayes Calls Camp Bow Wow an “Amazing Franchise Opportunity”

Those looking to find the franchise opportunity of their dreams can spend hours vetting companies and creating lists of pros and cons. While we certainly encourage folks to make sure they find the perfect franchise opportunity to fit their needs, we also know that, that task can be pretty time-consuming. Unless, of course, you look to franchise authority Dr. John P. Hayes for the answers, instead!

Here at Camp Bow Wow, we would have to agree that Dr. Hayes knows what a good franchise opportunity looks like when he sees it. After all, he did name Camp Bow Wow as one of the 12 “Amazing Franchise Opportunities” in his latest e-book, 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities: Second Edition.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Dr. John Hayes had to say about the Camp Bow Wow brand:

“Every year, millions of dogs excitedly pull their ‘parents’ through the doors of more than 140 Camp Bow Wow Camps in over 40 states. Camp Bow Wow and its franchisees have set the precedent for premium pet care and carved out a new sector in the now $70 billion pet industry.”

Dr. Hayes is an internationally recognized speaker, renowned for his expertise in selecting business opportunities and succeeding in the franchise arena. His latest book, the second edition to his original Amazon best-seller,12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015, “shares step-by-step advice for anyone considering the purchase of a franchise, including an intriguing way to determine which personalities are best suited for specific franchises.”

As you can imagine, we were both thrilled and honored to have been selected as an amazing franchise by such a reputable franchise authority. This reflects on the dedication and passion of everyone involved with our company, especially our fantastic franchisees — the backbone of our Pack!