April Showers Bring May… Camp Birthdays!

April shower bring May flowers… and a few May Camp birthdays, too! Besides the start of summer on the horizon, there’s a lot to smile about in May. We’ve got a total of fourteen Camps celebrating another year running with the Pack, making May one of our biggest months for birthday excitement. Here they are, without further ado, the long list of doggy day Camps planning another paw-ty this year.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years of a doggone good time under your collar, and many more to come,

  • 5/14 Camp Bow Wow West Warwick

Happy 6th Birthday!

This Camp is one of three celebrating a birthday on the fourteenth of May — hooray!

  • 5/14 Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh Highland Park

Happy 7th Birthday!

Forty-nine whole dog years or seven human years down — either way, you deserve a treat!

  • 5/27 Camp Bow Wow Charlotte Metro

Happy 9th Birthday!

High-four for these three Camps who’ve been running with the Pack for nine years and counting.

  • 5/1 Camp Bow Wow Sarasota
  • 5/20 Camp Bow Wow New Orleans
  • 5/30 Camp Bow Wow Albuquerque

Happy 10th Birthday!

Four Camps hitting double digits in 2018? Now that’s something to bark about!

  • 5/9 Camp Bow Wow Tulsa
  • 5/12 Camp Bow Wow Bellingham
  • 5/23 Camp Bow Wow Stamford
  • 5/23 Camp Bow Wow Tampa Airport

Happy 11th Birthday!

Fetch yourself a bone and a pat behind the ears, for this month, you’re celebrating 11 years!

  • 5/23 Camp Bow Wow Kentwood

Happy 12th Birthday!

Twelve years of romping in our play yards, bringing peace of mind to pet parents in your area.

  • 5/17 Camp Bow Wow Edmond
  • 5/22 Camp Bow Wow Fort Collins

Happy 13th Birthday!

Yappy birthday to our eldest Camp this month — and the one entering their teenage years at that.

  • 5/14 Camp Bow Wow Littleton

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