New Year, Bigger & Better Birthday Celebrations!

We can’t believe that another whole year has gone by since we first stepped foot in 2017! It’s been a tailspin of a year, for sure — in the best way possible of course! Fortunately, we’ve got a whole lot to celebrate as we begin the new year this January, starting with the birthdays of six special Camps across the nation.

Happy 4th Birthday!

Yip, yip hooray! High-four to our Hicksville Camp, celebrating their fourth birthday with the Pack.

  • 1/24 Camp Bow Wow Hicksville

Happy 5th Birthday!

Five years of romping and rolling down, and a lifetime left of ‘ruffing around with Campers to go!

  • 1/19 Camp Bow Wow Meridian

Happy 10th Birthday!

Double digits for these three Camps — that’s 70 in dog years! We’ll “woof” to that.

  • 1/14 Camp Bow Wow Peoria
  • 1/14 Camp Bow Wow Carmel
  • 1/24 Camp Bow Wow Anaheim

Happy 11th Birthday!

Lucky year number 11 for our fur-iends at Midland Park. We hope your year is full of fun!

  • 1/31 Camp Bow Wow Midland Park

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