Camp Bow Wow of Sugar Land Celebrated a “Sweet” Opening!

Camp Bow Wow of Sugar Land opened its doors on July 28, 2018. Located at 744 Crabb River Road, this paw-sitively beautiful space is roughly 9,000 square feet and Camp Bow Wow’s seventeenth location to call Texas home!

Sugar Land franchisee Mark Marconi has been passionate about animals for years. In fact, he was inspired to become involved in rescue operations after adopting his beloved dog, a Harlequin Great Dane.

Sugar Land Location Features

Climate-Controlled Atmosphere

Is it hot outside? We (and our pups) hadn’t noticed! On even the hottest Texas day, our Campers will enjoy running, playing, and relaxing inside our air conditioned play rooms.

Play Equipment

No need to send Fido to Camp with his favorite toy! All Camp Bow Wow locations provide fun toys and equipment for dogs to play with.

A Range of Sleeping Options

Thanks to its spacious size, the Sugar Land location is able to comfortably keep more than 80 dogs overnight at a time. Located in the sleeping quarters are 68 Cabins, 10 “Teacup Condos,” and five luxury suites that all come with personal cots.

Dog Pools

When the temperatures start to rise, pooches can find comfort in the water thanks to our outdoor dog pools. Like many Camps, Camp Bow Wow of Sugar Land offers dog day care, dog boarding, and dog grooming.