4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Franchises

Rubik's Cube with Social Media Logos on it

Whether you like it or not, social media has become a huge player in the digital marketing world for private businesses and franchises of all kinds. Now more than ever, it’s important to have a strong presence across all relevant social platforms — and here’s how we suggest you do it:

1. Be selective.

Don’t believe the hype! Being everywhere is not always the best course of action. Instead, identify your target audience and determine the social platforms that they frequent. Then, make yourself present on those platforms first. As a general rule, creating a Facebook and Google My Business page are a good place to start. Facebook is a great place to interact with fans and listen to what’s going on in your community, while Google is essential for listings purposes. Both also offer convenient ways for folks to leave reviews and provide feedback about their experience at your Camp.

2. Be well-branded.

From your profile and cover photos, to the business information you fill out and the posts you display — all should have a consistent look and feel across the board. Remember, you want your brand to be recognizable no matter which platform fans find it on. Plus, keeping things branded properly can help keep a professional image and influence brand authority. If you’re not sure about branding guidelines, reach out to the Camp Bow Wow leadership team and we’d be happy to assist!

3. Be transparent.

The best part about social media, and arguably the element that makes it so popular among consumers, is the transparency it affords. As a Camp owner, you have the opportunity to be in the trenches every day, documenting behind the scenes action and sharing it with your followers. Pet parents want to see how much fun Campers are having each day and all the great things happening at your Camp! Don’t underestimate the power behind sharing simple posts about staff birthdays, and photos of pups acting goofy with their furry friends. These are the things that get people engaged and help add a human touch to your brand.

4. Be responsive.

We can’t express this one enough! Sure, you may be posting great content and getting a ton of comments, messages and reviews, but if you’re not interacting with those followers, you’re missing out. Think about it — what other marketing platform allows you to interact directly with consumers? That’s the beauty of social media! Capitalize on the opportunity to build relationships, offer customer service, and put a real-live bark behind your brand.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, what are you waiting for? Get on social and start building brand awareness! And, if you haven’t begun your franchise endeavor just yet, there’s no better time to start than now. Our franchisees are enjoying record-breaking sales success, and expansion opportunities for 2017 abound.

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