What our Campers are Thankful For

With Thanksgiving upon us, we wanted to know what our Campers were thankful for. If our Campers could talk, we’re sure they’d say they are thankful for all these things about Camp:

  • Recognizing when we’re on the way to Camp and I get to play with my friends
  • Spotting my favorite Counselor at the front desk when I get to Camp
  • Making new pup pals
  • Romping and playing with my besties
  • Getting extra snuggle time with enrichment sessions
  • Seeing the pup pools come out
  • Reaching max zoomies speed around the yard
  • Getting ear rubs from the Counselors, especially when they itch me in juuuuuust the right spot
  • Claiming the top of the play bridge
  • Finding that perfect patch of sunshine to lay in
  • Knowing mom and dad can watch me having a blast on the Camper CamsSM
  • Hearing the Camp Counselors call me a good boy or girl
  • Cuddling with my Camp crush when we get tired
  • Eating a yummy Campfire TreatTM before bedtime
  • Snoozing and recharging in my cozy Cabin for the next day of play
  • Working with my trainer to ace a new trick (and eat treats!)
  • Getting picked up by mom or dad and seeing how much they missed me
  • Showing off my newly-groomed self to my parents and receiving all the compliments
  • Napping in the car, on the couch, on the floor, etc. after a fun time at Camp