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At Lil' Campers St. Clair Shores We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers, In-Home Pets & Training Dogs

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Lil' Campers St. Clair Shores. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Star

    November Camper of the Month


    Star is a two year old Boston Terrier who brings brightness to our day whenever she wiggles her way through our front door! She really is a ray of sunshine that enjoys being around the Camp Counselors and other Campers. She is very lovable and always seeks out the attention from anybody willing to give it. Although she loves her time at Camp she really looks forward to getting picked up and spending time with her mom; filling her in on all of the fun she's had at Camp that day! Congratulations, Star!

  • Bentley

    October Camper of the Month


    Bentley is an energetic six month old Beagle mix who has been a Camper since July! He has quickly made his way into our Camp Counselor's hearts. Bentley originally started coming to Camp as a young puppy in our Puppy Social & Obedience Class. He is all fun and games when he's at Camp - running and chasing his friends, being goofy, or singing us a hound dog song; but when it came down to class he gave no excuses and put his head in the game! Congratulations to this smart pup! We love you!

  • Libby

    September Camper of the Month


    Libby is a one year old Cocker Spaniel and Rat Terrier mix who is as sweet as can be! Libby has one of those personalities you instantly fall in love with, and that was certainly the case when we met her for the first time back in February! She has a very gentle and sweet disposition that makes any dog that greets her more comfortable and at ease. You might find Libby being introduced to our newest Interview Campers first because of how calm she approaches every dog. It makes all of our Campers, especially the first time Campers, feel more welcomed and they can relax a little more when Libby is around. Libby also uses her calm demeanor to her advantage on her Camp Counselors. One look at her puppy dog eyes and we are always giving her belly rubs!! We have loved getting to know our Libby, congratulations sweet girl!

  • Kieran

    August Camper of the Month


    Our August Camper of the Month is a ray of sunshine! Kieran is a lovable 8 month old black Cocker Spaniel that is full of life and love to give. He truly is the light of our day when he strolls into Camp. Kieran is quite the sophisticated sole. To start, he not only gets groomed regularly by our friends at Pampered Pups Salon but his dad has also taken on giving him hair trims in between in his appointments. Of course we also can't resist brushing out Kieran, and in fact he has begun to recognize what our grooming tools look like at Camp. He gets so excited whenever we pull out the brush, we just have to do at least his ears! After all, who could resist those puppy eyes? He always has to look his best! Kieran is a very sociable loving guy, and we have loved getting to know him the last few months! We are excited to get to know him even better as he starts out in our July Puppy Social and Obedience Class as well.

  • Foxy & Ace

    July Camper of the Month

    Foxy & Ace

    Everything's better with your sibling by your side! Foxy and Ace are siblings that came to Lil' Campers in March for an extended boarding stay. We have been so lucky to get to know these two and they have truly become like our own dogs during their time here. Ace is a 7 year old Maltese mix, and while it took just a moment to warm up, he now loves to play tag with his friends. This normally timid boy really comes out his shell when his friends show up to play! Foxy is a 14 year old Pomeranian that doesn't act a day over 2! This spunky girl absolutely loves getting attention from the Camp Counselors. She is sure to let you know that it is her turn for some cuddles too, because you can usually find her pawing at the Counselor's legs whenever she is ready! The Camp Counselors are probably just as obsessed with these two, as they are with us! You can typically find someone in their Luxury Suite giving them a bed time story at the end of the day. Congratulations to Foxy and Ace!

  • Charlie

    June Camper of the Month


    June's Camper of the Month has a lot of love to give! Although Charlie only weighs a whopping eight pounds, his heart is full of love to share with his counselors and fellow Campers! Charlie is an eleven month old Yorkshire Terrier that has been coming to Camp since early this year. Ever since his first day, he has always been a great addition to our pack. His energy level pairs great with our other campers that love to zoom around the play yards. However, he is still gentle enough to play with even our more timid or slower moving campers. We truly get the best of both worlds with Charlie! Congratulations!

  • Arlo

    May Camper of the Month


    Everyone put their paws together for Arlo! Arlo is our May Camper of the Month! He is a one-and-a-half-year-old Parson Russell Terrier that is full of life and energy! Arlo is quite the gentleman and always greets his counselors with a big stretch and a butt wiggle every morning before running around with his friends. Arlo's favorite way to burn off his energy is with a rousing game of chase; he loves it when his friends chase him all over the yards and under the play equipment. It's also quite fitting we picked a sunshiney month for Arlo to win Camper of the Month, because he absolutely loves to sunbathe! You can usually find him sprawled out catching some rays when it's over 50 degrees!

  • Louie

    April Camper of the Month


    Louie is a spirited eight year old YorkiPoo who has been a key day camper at Lil' Campers! Louie is always in a good mood and ready for some play yard fun any time he's at Camp. He's so lucky that his mom knows how much he loves Camp, that she signs him up for an overnight stay frequently! There's nothing quite like Louie cuddles to start our morning off on the right paw! Louie isn't just in it for the cuddles though, he enjoys a good stroll around the play yard to observe all of his friends. We think if Louie was outfitted with a step counter he would easily meet his daily step goal! This boy is always on the go! Congratulations Louie!

  • Oliver

    March Camper of the Month


    Oliver is an eight month old Parson Russell Terrier that has been coming to Camp since October, and he definitely brings the fun to our paw-ty any time he walks through our door! Oliver gets to have so much fun at Camp, that his parents enrolled him to take our Shuttle drive home (which means even more play time with his friends at Camp!) After a solid day of running around with his friends, and the time rolls around for Oliver to hit the road with our transit driver, he gets so excited! Oliver watches intently through our large windows in the yard as the Big Blue Transit Vehicle parks. He excitedly anticipates the fun ride ahead, and as the transit driver comes in, he barrels to the play yard door ready to go! We think if he had thumbs he would even grab his own leash. In between shuttle rides home, you can usually find Oliver zooming through our play yards with his BFF's Millie, Arlo, or Molly! He is definitely a well rounded, fun loving pup! We are so lucky to have gotten to know him!

  • Maggie

    February Camper of the Month


    Blondes just want to have fun... and that definitely reins true for February Camper of the Month, Maggie! Maggie is a four-year-old blonde Yorkshire Terrier mix that has been coming to Camp since we opened Lil' Camper's! Maggie's flirtatious personality is pretty infectious - She hasn't met a Camper that hasn't become her friend right away! Maggie is content to just be with all of the other dogs, you can usually find her snuggled up on a warm spot on the play equipment. Maggie's smile never leaves her face as soon as she walks through the door and quite frankly, neither does ours! Congratulations Maggie!

  • Winston

    January Camper of the Month


    We are starting off 2020 on the right paw by nominating Winston as our first Camper of the Month for the year! Winston is a cunning three-year-old Cavalier King Charles that has been coming to camp for a little over one year! Winston loves to get attention from anyone that is willing to give it! You can usually find him trying to cuddle up with our Camp Counselors to get the maximum amount of pets and attention as possible. He does a cute little dance with his front feet in the air that usually does the trick for us! He knows he can benefit not only from Camp Counselor's love though... he loves to schmooze the other Campers for any play yard cuddles too! Thank you for being our little lover Winston and congratulations!

  • Molly

    December Camper of the Month


    Everyone say hello to our December Camper of the Month, Molly! Molly is a ten-month-old Maltese mix that has been coming to Lil' Campers since last summer. We don't think Molly's little body ever stops wiggling the moment she steps her paws into Camp. The Camp Counselors can hardly keep up with her as she pulls us towards the Play Yard every morning. Her energy doesn't stop there though - you can usually find her sprinting around with her BFF, Arlo the Corgi. Molly doesn't know a stranger when she's at Camp. When she finds a moment to relax you can find her catching up on some Zzz's with her pal, Reilly.Thank you for being our go-to social butterfly, Molly!

  • Graham

    November Camper of the Month


    With Thanksgiving around the corner, we couldn't think of a better Camper to nominate other than.... Graham! Graham is a two-year-old Golden Doodle that has been coming to Camp since February 2018. Graham struts into Camp in the morning so prim and proper... but all bets are off when he enters the Play Yard to see his furiends! Graham is a very well behaved Camper that plays great with all types of energy levels! He can match up his play style to who he is playing with. Whether that be a more subtle play bow to a more shy Camper or chasing another Camper around during a rousing game of tag!

  • Arlo

    October Camper of the Month


    Way to go Arlo! He is our October Camper of the Month! Arlo is a one-and-a-half year old Corgi that has been wiggling his way to Camp since he was just a pup! Arlo is true to his Corgi breed and is full of so much life and spunk! We love watching him run around in the play yards with all of his furiends. In fact, he doesn't know a Camper that didn't immediately become his friend right away! You can usually find him not far behind his BFF, Millie! These two are always having a great time with each other. Thank you for being our social butterfly, Arlo!

  • Millie

    September Camper of the Month


    Are you ready to meet sweet Millie?! Millie is about a one-year-old rescued Collie mix who has been gracing our presence since May of 2019! We are so thankful every time she comes in to Camp. Millie is full of energy and loves every dog she meets, especially Corgis! When she stays with us overnight, we are sure to pamper her like the princess she is! She stays in our luxury suites and enjoys getting belly rubs from all of the Camp Counselors. When she's not running around the yard playing her with BFFs, you can find her sunbathing by the windows! Congrats, Millie!

  • Tator Tot

    August 2019 Campers of the Month

    Tator Tot

    Tator Tot is an active one-year-old Shih Tzu mix that has been zooming around Camp since January of 2019. It really is no surprise we can ever get a clear picture of Tator Tot, because he is always on the go and ready for the next friend to play with! He spares no hesitations when making friends, and has even stumbled upon a friendship that is an unlikely pair. Tator Tot's best friend is Reilly, who typically has a lower energy level compared to Tator Tot. They compliment each other very well and balance each other's energy levels! Thank you for galloping into our hearts Tator Tot, and congratulations!

  • Frankie

    July 2019 Campers of the Month


    We are overjoyed to share with you our spunky July Camper of the Month, Frankie!
    Frankie is a spunky one-and-a-half-year old Boston Terrier. She has been coming to Camp for almost a year, and hasn't looked back since. Don't let Frankie's facial expressions fool you. Even with her puppy dog eyes, she is having a romping good time with her pals any time she is at Camp! She loves to chase and tag her friends in the play yard. When you're not finding her zooming around the play yard, you can find her snuggled up with a Camp Counselor.
    Congratulations Frankie!

  • Jack

    June 2019 Campers of the Month


    Summer has finally come! To celebrate we picked our June Camper of the Month will the most sunshine in his personality... and of course that was Jack!
    Jack is a bubbly ten-month-old Goldendoodle that has been bouncing around at Lil Camper's for a few months! Jack can naturally be found with some of his Doodle dopplegangers at Camp. Sometimes if you look too quickly, you can hardly tell them apart!
    Jack is also a huge fan on our red play equipment bridge. He enjoys using it for a plethora of reasons - he can sit on top of it like a King, he can play hide and seek under it with this friends, or after a long day he can plop himself right on top for a nice nap! He's such a goofball!
    Congratulations Jack!

  • Ginger

    May 2019 Campers of the Month


    Everyone say hello to our May Camper of the Month, Ginger! Ginger is an eight-year-old Puggle who has been strutting to Camp for about a year! Ginger is true to her breed as she gets the best of both worlds from her Beagle and Pug ancestors! She is always laid back and ready to hang out with some of her Camper friends. Ginger never turns down a good head scratch or belly rub from our Camp Counselors too! She's so affectionate - we love it! Congratulations Ginger!

  • Winnie

    March 2019 Campers of the Month


    We sure are lucky to have Winnie around at Camp! Winnie is an eight year old Welsh Terrier that first started at our Main Camp back in 2011! She heard about our Lil' Campers and how much fun it is and she transitioned over! Winnie is always down for a rousing game of chase with her furry friends. She sure can keep up too! She zooms across the play yards enticing anyone to come join in on the fun. We look forward to more fun and zooms with Winnie and congratulations!

  • Newton & Darwin

    February 2019 Campers of the Month

    Newton & Darwin

    It’s a scientific fact that Darwin and Newton have stolen our hearts at Camp Bow Wow Lil’ Campers! These American Eskimo brothers have so much fun anytime they are at Camp! Darwin is a paw-some big brother and is five-years-old and little brother Newton is three-years-old. Darwin and Newton have no problems making new friends and can usually be found on the cameras romping around with them! These happy-go-lucky guys have the best smile and are sure to show it off any chance they can get. Congratulations boys!

  • McKenzie & Penny Lane

    January 2019 Campers of the Month

    McKenzie & Penny Lane

    We are jumping into the new year with McKenzie and Penny Lane as Campers of the Month for January! This dynamic duo of sisters are just the cutest things! McKenzie is a six-year-old Dachshund that has been coming to camp since 2013 and Penny Lane is a one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier that joined our pack in 2017! These two know how to make their Camp Counselor’s hearts melt – they are the best at cuddling! Any time we kneel down they are right by our sides making sure they are getting enough love and attention from us. We can’t wait for more fun in 2019 and congratulations!

  • Charlie

    December 2018 Camper of the Month


    There’s no need to check twice – Charlie has made the nice list this year! Charlie is a nine-year-old Cockapoo who originally started coming to our Main Camp in 2016, but when Lil’ Campers opened he moved over! Charlie is a laid back guy that loves to patrol the yards to make sure all of his furiends are having a good time. Charlie can put even the most nervous dog at ease with his gentle personality. He’s just the sweetest guy! Congratulations Charlie!

  • Lily

    November 2018 - Lily


    Anyone order a pie for November Camper of the Month?! Lily is a three-year-old Shetland Sheepdog that is as sweet as pie! Simply catching one glimpse of this delightful pup brightens our whole day. There’s not a day that goes by that isn’t made instantly better when Lily comes in for Day Care. Lily not only has an awesome personality but she has the looks too! She has the most luxuriously soft fur that we just can’t get enough of! When she trots to the yard we love watching her voluminous hair bounce and shine. Congratulations Lily!

  • Tucker

    October 2018 Camper of the Month


    We didn’t have to search long for our October Camper of the Month! Tucker is a two-year-old Rat Terrier mix that first started Camp in May of 2017. Tucker is a fun loving pup that can usually be found romping around with one of his friends. He is always super playful and ready to hop into the pack as soon as he steps through the door. We are fortunate enough to get to spend our summers with Tucker, as he travels back to Florida every winter to spend time on his boat! Even though he doesn’t particularly enjoy the boat, I’m sure he enjoys the sunshine! Next time you’re at Camp, try to catch him romping around with Parker – they are BFFS! Congratulations, Tucker!

  • Oontz

    September Camper of the Month


    Age: 2.5 Years
    Breed: Jack Russell

    Oontz is a fun pup who has been coming to Camp since she was a pup. Oontz is even an alumnus of our Puppy Class. She’s quite the smart cookie! By the looks of it, you can tell her tail never stops wagging while at Camp. She is so excited to go in and greet all of her friends, both two and four-legged! We are always so excited to have Oontz in our Pack. Thank you for being our Camper of the Month, Oontz!

  • Keanu

    August Camper of the Month


    Age: 2 Years
    Breed: French Bulldog

    Keanu is a stunning man who has been coming to Camp since he's been just a pup at four-months-old! Keanu is a social butterfly that loves getting to know everyone. When he is done greeting everyone, you can usually find him in a nice warm sunny spot in the play yard! Keanu lives by the saying "Play Hard, Nap Hard." Maybe the next time you tune in on the cameras, you can catch a glimpse of Keanu napping away! Congrats to Camper of the Month, Keanu!

  • Lola

    July Camper of the Month


    Age: 2 Years
    Breed: Beagle Mix

    Lola has been coming to Camp since 2017. Lola got the best of the both worlds, and first started out at our Main Camp location. When she heard about the Lil' Campers location opening up, she put her best puppy dog expression on and it didn't take much for her to convince her parents to try out Lil'! After all... who could say no to that face?! Lola is a fun loving pup that enjoys meeting new friends while at Camp. If you don't see her sniffing out a new friend, you can probably find her in a nice warm sun spot in the yard. We are lucky to have her as part of our Pack!

  • Slate

    June Camper of the Month


    Age: 10 Months
    Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

    Slate is a little ball of energy! From the moment he walks through the door until the moment mom or dad come back to pick him up, Slate is running around with all of his friends. When Slate is not running around with his best friend Penny or wrestling with Remy, you can usually find him hiding under the red play equipment or getting loved on by his Camp Counselors!

    When Slate comes into Camp to play, he gets so excited to see all of his friends that he just cannot stop wiggling! Even though he loves to run and play, Slate makes sure he gives every dog in the play yard a good morning kiss before running off to play with his friends. It is adorable! This lil’ lovebug has been a great addition to our Pack and we cannot imagine Camp without his excitement and kisses!

  • Mya

    May Camper of the Month


    Age: 10 Years
    Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

    Mya has a lot of energy and even more sass! She has continued to wiggle her way into all of her Camp Counselor’s hearts since she joined our Pack in December 2017. Don’t let her age fool you, Mya loves to play fetch and bark with all of her friends! Mya’s human friends at Camp always make time to play fetch during the break times. She loves the extra special attention!

    Myla is also a huge fan of circuit training. Miss Emily makes her work hard for treats, but Myla is really good at her tricks! Myla is always worn out by the end of the day. Myla always has a great time at Camp, and can always put big smiles on all of the Camp Counselor’s faces. Can you blame them though? Look at how cute she is!

  • Chewy

    April Camper of the Month


    Age: 12 Years
    Breed: Maltese / Yorkie Mix

    Chewy is an adorable lil’ man who has been coming to Camp for nine years! He originally started at our Main Camp location but then quickly joined our Pack when Lil’ Campers opened. He was one of our very first Campers! Chewy is a regular boarder with us so you have probably seen him on our Camper Cams romping around the play yards with his friends, taking naps in the sunlight, or, his (and our) personal favorite, chasing the big red ball! If there is something that separates Chewy from the other Campers, it’s his love for the red ball. He can’t get enough of it!

    Chewy has always been a loyal friend to all of us here at Camp. He has a wonderful time talking (barking) to his friends and taking a quick nap wherever he sees fit! Chewy has really blossomed here at Lil’ Campers and definitely loves the special attention we shower him with. Thank you, Chewy, for being such an important Camper to us!

  • Penny

    March Camper of the Month


    Age: 5 YEars
    Breed: Rat Terrier

    Penny has made countless friends and snuggled her way into our hearts effortlessly. Over time she’s had a few nicknames but most commonly we refer to her as “PB”!

    Penny loves to play with everyone, but specifically loves her boyfriend, Parker, and best friend, Remy. Penny is such a sweetie-pie and we’re always so excited to spend time with her and give her as much love as possible. Her favorite things to do are wrestle, give kisses, and take naps in her cozy cabin. We can always rely on PB to put smiles on all of our faces. Camp wouldn’t be the same without her!

  • Pepper

    February Camper of the Month


    Age: 1 Year
    Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Pomeranian / Husky Mix

    Being that February is the month of love, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite canine couples! Mr. London has been a part of our Pack since January of 2017, and we have loved every minute spent with him. He enjoys running around Camp and getting hydro baths! Pepper first joined our Pack in September of 2017 and is a graduate of our April 2017 Puppy Obedience Class! Pepper is a Day Camp Member and absolutely loves coming to Camp to see all of her friends.

    Pepper and London first met in the fall of 2017 and a beautiful friendship was instantly born. Over time they have gotten much closer and get super excited when they come in for Day Camp on the same days! Both of these playful pups earned a spot in all of our hearts, and Pepper and London are destined to be best friends forever!

  • Franklin

    January Camper of the Month


    Age: 5 Years
    Breed: Coton de Tulear

    Franklin has been one of our most lovable Campers since he joined our Pack in September of 2017. One of the many reasons we love Franklin so much is his ability to make friends with any dog he meets - he is ALWAYS eager to meet our new Campers. When he isn't playing with his friends, Franklin is usually napping or munching on treats. Another thing we love about him is his intelligence! Franklin is only five-years old, but seems very wise beyond his years. We swear he can tell what we're thinking sometimes!

    Although Franklin loves coming to Camp, one of his favorite parts of the day is when he gets picked up to go home. Franklin loves car rides! At pick up Franklin always barks out the lobby window to say hello to everyone that walks by (or in anticipation of his car ride), as we tell his mom about his day at Camp! Us girls here at Camp can't get enough of him and we're so grateful Franklin has joined our family!

  • Remy

    December Camper of the Month


    Age: 8 Months
    Breed: Beagle Mix

    Remy has been coming to Camp since September 2017. Remy took to Camp back in September like a fish takes to water and became a Member almost immediately! Remy is a very social young lady who will play with anyone – human or dog. Remy, although she plays with everyone, plays the most with her best friend Trixie!

    When Remy is not playing with her many friends, she is usually snuggled up taking a quick nap in the play yards. Remy is famous for them! When she starts to get tired, her upper lip curls just right and, as you can see from the pictures above, it is adorable! We also had the pleasure of having Remy attend our Puppy Training Class in November where she not only made lots of friends but learned many basic commands as well! Remy has been a great addition to our Pack and we cannot wait to watch her continue to make friends and play her heart out!

  • Scampers

    November Camper of the Month


    Age: 1 Year
    Breed: Russell Terrier

    Scampers has been coming to Camp since March 2017. Scampers is a Day Camp Member and loves to come to Camp every day! Scampers enjoys playing with all of his friends and his absolute favorite game is tag. He likes to bark at his friends until they start to chase him in circles around the red play yard equipment. So far he is too fast for everyone except Bella!

    Scampers is also a big snuggle bug. When being held, Scampers sinks right into our body and usually nuzzles his nose into our neck. It’s so cute! Scampers is also a very talented high jumper, his head is always popping up over our half wall… for a little guy he has some serious ups! When Scampers is not snuggling or playing chase, he can be found checking out all the ladies. He is a true ladies man and really knows how to turn on his puppy dog eyes. Lil’ Campers truly would not be the same without Scampers!

  • Penny

    October Camper of the Month


    Age: 5 Months
    Breed: Mini Dachshund

    Penny has been coming to Camp since she was 14 weeks old! Penny is always so excited to get to Camp in the morning – her wiggle butt proves it! She is always one of the first Campers to arrive and runs around her Camp Counselor in circles, greeting everyone with lots of kisses! Penny, along with Remi and Trixie, is one of our Three Musketeers! These three Lil’ ladies are always running around and playing with one another, and they are all under six-months old!

    When Penny is not running with her crew, you can find her cuddled up on one of our big comfy beds or next to one of her fellow Campers. She loves snuggles! Penny recently became a Member here at Lil’ Campers and we could not be more excited to spend every weekday with this cute little bundle of energy! We speak for her fellow Campers when we say that Penny is a great addition to our Pack!

  • Ralph

    September Camper of the Month


    Age: 1 Year
    Breed: Goldendoodle

    Ralph has a smile that can melt anyone’s heart! Ralph has been coming to Lil’ Campers since July 2017 and has recently become a Day Camp Member. This means he comes to day care five days a week excited to play with all of his friends, especially Ella and Parker!

    When Ralph is not running around the play yards with his friends, he can always be found trying to get as much attention as possible from his Camp Counselors. He may be calm most of the time but don’t let that fool you! Ralph loves to jump and can be very sneaky. One of his favorite things to do is sneak into the office area to take a nap. He loves to snuggle! Ralph is also a local celebrity! He recently had his first television debut on Channel 7 morning news and did fantastic! It is easy to say that in the few short months Ralph has been with us he has become a very loved member of our Pack.

  • Ella

    August Camper of the Month



    Ella has been coming to Camp since February 2017. Ella started out at our Main Camp location but quickly joined the Lil’ Campers’ Pack! Ella is always so excited to get here in the mornings, which is obvious by her rapidly moving wiggle butt. She is friends with everyone she meets!

    Ella is a very playful pup and will play non-stop with all of her friends, but a few times a day you can find her sprawled out taking a quick cat nap in the play yards. When Ella is not running around the yards with her best friends Gus and Che, you can find her trying to hog the attention of her Camp Counselors. When the Camp Counselors sit down to give love in the play yards, no matter where Ella is, she will come running to shower their face with kisses. Ella loves to give kisses to her fellow Campers, too! We love having Ella as a Camper and could not imagine Camp life without her!

  • Bruno & Arya

    July Camper of the Month

    Bruno & Arya

    Age: 1 Year
    Breed: Labradoodle

    Arya and Bruno are two very loving and energetic pups who happen to be celebrating their 1st birthday this month! Arya and Bruno are Membership clients for both Day Camp and our Circuit Training Program. They enjoy spending their days at Camp running around playing chase with anyone that will join in, and trying to get as much attention from their Camp Counselors as they can!

    On Mondays and Fridays when everyone goes on a break at lunch time, Arya and Bruno get to enjoy spending time with their trainer, Emily. Right now they are working on their leash walking and doing great! Arya and Bruno have the kind of energy we all wish we had. They play non-stop with the other Campers and each other. These two truly enjoy Camp and cannot wait to get into the Play Yards each morning, and sometimes we even have to chase and catch them when it is time for them to go home! We are so lucky that we get to have this dynamic duo at Camp with us almost everyday!

  • Josie

    June Camper of the Month


    Age: 2 Years
    Breed: Pomeranian / Chihuahua Mix

    Josie is a spunky, energetic, and loves coming to Camp! Like many of the dogs that come to Lil’ Campers, Josie is a rescue and was slightly nervous at first. Thankfully, with the help of her new four-legged friends and Circuit Training, Josie quickly became a Camp pro!

    Josie is a Circuit Training Member here at Camp and always has so much fun with her trainer, Emily! Together they work on obedience and cool new tricks that Josie can go home and show her mom. Josie is currently learning how to jump through a hoop, and has already mastered sit, down, leave it, and loose leash walking!

    When Josie is not training with her BFF Emily, she enjoys playing with her best friend Parker. Parker and Josie love to play chase and will do their best to get everyone to join in! Although Josie loves to play, she always makes time for some snuggles and butt scratches from her Counselors in the play yards! Josie has been a Camper for almost six-months now, and she will always have a special place in our hearts and here at Camp!

  • Rosco

    May Camper of the Month


    Age: 10 Years
    Breed: Dachshund

    Rosco is very affectionate and quickly stole our hearts from day one. He may be ten years old, but this handsome little man has some ups! He can jump about two to three feet high, which never fails to impress us! Rosco loves to walk the play yards with his pals, sniff everything, and, of course, the occasional belly rub or butt scratch.

    Rosco is a Membership client so we are lucky enough to see him Monday through Friday – and he is always ready to go when he gets here! Unlike many of his friends, Rosco has about a 40-minute drive to Camp each morning from Ann Arbor, and we love his Mom for bringing him! When it’s time for a nap, Rosco is always one of the first to a cabin where he has a special green blanket from home that he likes to snuggle with. When nap time is over we always have trouble finding him because he buries himself so far into his blanket! It is super cute!

    Rosco is always up for some lovin’. Of course, our Camp Counselors can’t resist that cute face, especially when he waits so patiently in line for belly rubs behind his fellow Campers. Rosco has been a great addition to our Pack and we could not imagine Camp without him!

  • Millie

    April Camper of the Month


    Age: 5 Years
    Breed: Shih Tzu

    Millie has been a faithful Camper since 2015 and is full of life! She originally attended our Main Camp but made the transition over to Lil’ Campers when we opened.

    Millie loves to come in and board with us! Millie gets along with everyone here at Camp and is a regular social butterfly. She makes sure to sniff and greet every dog each morning! Millie, as you can see from her pictures, loves to show off her pearly whites and is always smiling. She also loves to dance! In fact, if you tune into our Camper Cams you’ll be sure to see her showing off her moves!

    Millie also loves to hog the attention of her Camp Counselors. She knows that with a smile and a cute lil’ dance she will get all the belly rubs she wants! Millie has been a great addition to our Lil’ Camper's Pack, and we love that she continues to brighten our days with her beautiful smile and great dance moves!

  • Hugo

    March Camper of the Month


    Age: 1 Year
    Breed: French Bulldog

    Hugo is very energetic and always has a smile on his face, especially recently since his birthday is on March 7th! Hugo started coming to Camp back in October and has flourished not only socially, but in his training as well. Hugo is currently working on the “leave it” command so when he welcomes his brand new baby sister, he won’t chew up all her toys! When Hugo is not working on his training he can be found running around the play yards with all of his friends or laying on top of our red play equipment.

    Hugo gets to Camp bright and early eager to play. He gets so excited to see his friends that he will sit and wait by the play yard door for one of them to get to Camp for the day. While Hugo can play with the best of them, he is a great cuddle buddy in the afternoon when all of the dogs decide its nap time in the play yards. Hugo continues to steal the hearts of his friends, Camp Counselors, and even pet parents who take a peek into our play yards! We wouldn’t have him any other way. Hugo has been a great addition to our Pack and we cannot wait to continue to watch him grow and become the best big brother a girl could ask for.

  • Luna

    February Camper of the Month


    Age: 4 Years
    Breed: Italian Greyhound

    Luna is very lively, energetic, and loves to jump! Luna first started coming to Camp in October 2016 when she was four-months old so she could play while her parents went to work. Of course, she fit right in!

    Luna is quite a social butterfly here at Camp and gets along with all of the other Campers as well as her Camp Counselors. When Luna is not rolling around playing with her friends Parker or Hugo, she enjoys sniffing every inch of the play yards and showing us her jumping skills. Luna is currently attending our puppy obedience class here at Lil’ Campers and is doing great!

    Since she is a pro at playing, she was able to show all the pups who have not been to Camp yet the ropes! Although she is full of energy, Luna loves to snuggle and will take any opportunity to curl up into one of her Camp Counselor’s sweatshirts or cuddle up next to another Camper taking a nap. Luna has been a great addition to our Pack and we cannot wait to watch her grow!

  • Chips

    January Camper of the Month


    Age: 3 Years
    Breed: Chihuahua Mix

    Chips loves to be snuggled by his Camp Counselors! And those sweet looks from those sweet puppy dog eyes? Forget about it, those big beautiful eyes will melt your heart. All he has to do is sit down and look up at you, and you cannot help but fall in love! Now that it is getting colder, Chips comes to Camp in his cute winter coat and cannot wait to go play with his friends.

    When he is not running around the yards, Chips likes to follow his Counselors around until someone will sit on the floor and let him snuggle in their lap. Although Chips may not be the most playful pup we have at Lil’ Campers, he enjoys supervising the play yards! Every so often you can catch him joining in on a game of Chase with his friends Keanu and Hugo. It is safe to say we all fell in love with Chips from day one. With his floppy ears and super soft belly, we just can’t get enough of him!​

  • Bunny

    December Camper of the Month


    Age: 3 Years
    Breed: Mountain Cur

    Bunny loves coming to Lil’ Campers and running around with her friends! Bunny was adopted by her parents about two years ago with nerve damage in her right shoulder that limits the use of her leg. Surprisingly, this has not slowed her down! Other than needing a few short breaks throughout the day, Bunny enjoys playing chase through the yard and usually comes out the winner.Along with romping through the play yards, Bunny really enjoys her belly rubs from her Camp Counselors and tries to steal their attention any chance she gets. As long as it does not interrupt a game of chase, of course.

    As one of the larger dogs that comes to Lil’ Campers, Bunny is our gentle giant. Although she is constantly playing, Bunny is always aware of the smaller sized dogs she is running around with. She is always gentle and cautious while she plays! With her infectious smile and happy demeanor, Bunny has been a great addition to our Pack and we are lucky to have her!

  • Albert

    November Camper of the Month


    Age: 3 Years
    Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

    Albert is a very intelligent and friendly Camper who originally started his Camp experience at our main location back in 2014. Albert made the switch to our Lil' Campers location back in January of this year and we couldn't be happier! He always looks so regal as he sits in the play yard watching the other dogs play but, every so often, he likes to join in on the fun, too!

    Our Camp Counselors love to watch Albert as he trots through the play yards with his hair blowing in the breeze he creates as he moves. He is always setting a good example for the other dogs in the yard by listening to his Camp Counselor and showing the pups what to do - for this we are all very grateful! Albert also loves the attention from the Camp Counselors and we gladly dish out lots of love to this handsome boy!

  • Lily

    October Camper of the Month


    Age: 9 Months
    Breed: French Bulldog

    Lily is a fun, easy-going, and very playful little girl who first came to us at four months of age - my how she has grown! Lily is loved by all the other Campers and gets along with everyone, especially the other playful puppies. When Lily gets excited, she loves to romp all over the yard which makes all her Camp Counselors laugh!

    With Lily’s unique brindle look, it's no surprise that all the fellas here at Camp chase after her. Not only does she love the attention but chase is her favorite game! When Lily comes to Camp she is always super excited and cannot wait to see who she gets to play chase with, whether it's her best friend, Parker, or any of the new Campers!

    By the afternoon Lily is usually so tired from running around that she falls asleep either face first on the red play equipment or snuggled up to one of her friends in the play yard. True to her breed, Lily is very sociable and affectionate, especially when it comes time to get snuggles from our Camp Counselors here at Lil’ Campers!

  • Gus

    September Camper of the Month


    Age: 19 Months
    Breed: Wire Fox Terrier

    Like most puppies, Gus is always so full of energy when he comes to Camp and enjoys playing tag with his fellow Campers. Don’t let all his energy fool you though, Gus enjoys his snuggle time in the yard with our Camp Counselors, too! Gus started coming to Camp back in April and has made lots of new friends and learned a few new commands in Circuit Training - he is a star pupil!

    Although small in stature, Gus is one of the fastest little pups here, which he proves by running circles around all of his friends. Not only is Gus fast but he is quite the jumper too! He makes all the Camp Counselors laugh when we see his head pop up over the play yard wall. With his outgoing and friendly personality its no wonder that Gus is so popular with all of the Counselors and other dogs. too!

  • Pumpkin

    August Camper of the Month


    Age: 8 Years
    Breed: Shih Tzu

    Pumpkin Cookie is our resident diva here at Lil' Campers, she wants nothing more than to be pampered and loved when she comes to Camp every day. Every chance Pumpkin gets to grab the attention of our counselors to sit down and pet her, she does! While Pumpkin enjoys all of the cuddles she gets from her counselors at Camp, she also enjoys keeping all the other dogs in line. When some of our younger Campers get excited and have a burst of energy, Pumpkin is the first one to tell them to calm down - and they listen! Pumpkin always comes in to Camp with a smile on her face and a swagger in her walk, especially after she gets a hair cut and has fresh bows in her hair.

  • Parker

    July Camper of the Month


    Age: 8 Months
    Breed: Maltese

    Parker has won over every counselor here at Lil’ Campers with his outgoing personality. As soon as he enters through our door, in his mother's arms, he moves and wiggles so much that she can barely hold onto him! Parker just cannot wait to get into the yard to see which of his friends came to Camp that day!

    This playful pup is loved by every Camper and has become somewhat of a ladies man with the female Campers. Parker adapts his play to whichever dog he is engaging with, whether it is running around in circles with Couzin, the Yorkie, or rolling around on the floor with Lily, the French bulldog! Parker is always having a blast and is usually ready to snuggle up in his favorite spot for a nap at the end of the day.

  • Louie

    June Camper of the Month


    Age: 11 Years
    Breed: Shih Tzu

    Louie was originally a Camper at our main Camp location but recently has become one of our favorite Lil' Campers! Louie finds the pace at Lil' Campers much more up to his speed... which is nice and relaxing. He loves the deluxe accommodations and individualized attention and affection he receives.

    We try to make Louie feel at home since we are his home away form home. You'll often see him napping with his favorite blanket or having us keep him company during meals. Louis is a big fan of the blueberry face wash and all his new friends at Camp.

  • Rosie

    May Camper of the Month


    Age: 6 Years
    Breed: Mini Labradoodle

    Rosie is a six year old mini doodle who’s been a Camper since January of 2011. In January of 2016. Rosie was one of the first to join our new pack at our Lil’ Campers facility. Although she’s small in stature, Rosie big in personality. She loves to Netflix and chill at Lil Campers during the day and her favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians. We're pretty sure she actually follows the story line because she barks whenever Cruella DeVille comes onscreen!

    Rosie loves to dance like a ballerina and prance around, showing off her fluff and is a perfect little lady. She likes to sleep in and is quite cozy in her little bed when she comes to stay overnight. She tends to set her own schedule and won't get out of bed until she's good and ready; and we're just fine with that.

  • Max & Millie

    April Camper of the Month

    Max & Millie

    Age: 2 Years
    Breed: Chihuahua-Pug Mix

    These two-year old Chihuahua-Pug mixes are a dynamic brother-sister duo.When they aren't busy welcoming new Campers to the pack, they enjoy the luxury of Lil' Campers, where they can snuggle up on the couch together in the afternoon and watch cartoons.

    Max and Millie have been Campers since April 2015 and have taken our Level 1 Basic Obedience Class as well. Don't let their short legs fool you, these two could join the Olympic team for doggie jumping and seem to have spring in their four little legs! When they're not at Camp, they're busy at home chasing one another around the house and barking at the mailman.

  • Couzin

    March Camper of the Month


    Age: 4 months
    Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

    This Lil' Camper came to us at exactly 4 months of age and quickly melted our hearts! Weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs., this Lil' guy is the heavyweight champion of playing! He hasn't met a dog he doesn't love and you can always find him in a rousing game of chase or King of the Pillow. He loves to sunggle up and share his cot in the afternoon with his Malti-Poo girlfriend, Kedzie, whose giant personality matches his own.

    He arrives in the morning in his red puffy down coat to protect him from the elements then he strips down and brings the thunder and lightening to the play yard. Couzin is an energetic, easygoing puppy who's a great addition to the pack!

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