Leap Day Activities for the Extra Day with your Dog

Leap Day means one more day to spend with your doggo doing the things you love most. Here's are 12 activities you can do with your pup with your extra 24 hours this year:

  1. Sleep in later than usual for extended snuggle time
  2. Walk a different route
  3. Schedule a puppy play date (or bring them to Camp!)
  4. Check out a local pet bakery and get a special treat
  5. Learn a new trick
  6. Make homemade dog treats. Find a recipe.
  7. Visit a dog park
  8. Pamper your pup with a spaw day (read our grooming tips first)
  9. Meet friends at a dog-friendly coffee shop or brewery
  10. Play a game of fetch or tug
  11. Take a selfie to commemorate the day. Tips here
  12. End the day with a movie and more snuggles