5 Things You Should Know Before Spring

Spring is just around the corner and while your mind may be filled with thoughts of spring cleaning and seasonal chores, it’s important to consider how the change in season can affect your pup. Follow these tips to have a safe and fun start to Spring!

Start Slow

If your pup has been cooped up inside for much of winter, be sure to gradually introduce any new exercise regimen. Slowly build up walks, runs or trips to the dog park so your dog isn’t overexerted. Bonus: it’s the perfect time of year to stop and smell the roses.

Stay Cool

Just like us, it takes time for dogs to adjust to warmer weather. Regardless of the temperature outside, remember to never leave your pup in the car as it can get hot very quickly.

Protect Against Pests

As temperatures increase, so does insect activity. Talk with your veterinarian about guarding your dog against heartworm, ticks and fleas.

Update Identification

Springtime means more time outside and more potential for dogs to become lost. Take a few minutes to confirm your dog's tag or microchip is accurate to increase the likelihood of a quick reunion should they wander off.

Know Your Plants

Dogs are very curious and can often be interested by new plants. Familiarize yourself with toxic plants so you can keep your pup out of harm’s way.