Back To School, Back To Work

dog looking out the window

Heidi Ganahl shares tips with Pet Product News to help make the back-to-school/work transition as stress-free as possible for pets by properly preparing them for when the family isn't around the house for the majority of the day.

With the end of summer, as kids head back to school and we resume our normal work schedules, our daytime absence from home can be tough on our furry loved ones.

I have created a series of useful pet tips to help make the back to school/work transition as stress-free as possible for our pets. With these insights, you can properly prepare Fido for the time of year when the rest of the family won’t be around the house for the majority of the day.

Stop By and Say Hi: If possible, arrange for a family member to walk Fido during the day, play with him and give him fresh water and food. Even just swinging by for a couple of minutes will break up the monotony that Fido might feel while the family is away. If a family member is not available, arrange for a dog walker to take Fido out for an afternoon stroll. Camp Bow Wow’s in-home care franchise, Home Buddies, offers dog-walking services as one of its many components.

Brain Puzzle Toys: Since dogs can lose interest in toys rather quickly, offer Fido interactive toys. A rubber Kong toy can be stuffed with a tasty treat like peanut butter, plain yogurt or baby food and is a great way to keep Fido distracted while he is home alone. Engage Fido with the “Tornado”—a dog toy that challenges Fido mentally and physically while he searches for the hidden dog treat, or let him play with the Kibble Nibble Activity Ball—a toy that will strike a chord with Fido’s prey instinct while he nose rolls the ball in an effort to dispense treats.

Sign Him Up for Day Camp: Dogs love their humans, and being away from them can be stressful on some of them. Bring your dog to a local Camp Bow Wow so Fido can run and play with other dogs and interact with the Camp Counselors. Fido’s local Camp Bow Wow will provide a fun, safe environment from the moment he is dropped off in the morning to when he is picked up at day’s end. (We can also incorporate dog training!)

In-Home Dog Sitting: If Fido is older or has special needs, call on Home Buddies, Camp Bow Wow’s in-home care franchise, to keep him company within the familiar setting of his home. As a complete in-home pet care service, Home Buddies is designed to provide relief for the stress pet-parents feel when leaving Fido during the day. The service also offers in-home pet-cam rentals to watch Fido while he is home alone.

Stay on a Schedule: If your dog has been with the family all summer, when the kids go back to school and you head back to work, the routine for your dog completely changes. The more you can keep your routine the same for your dogs at the times you are home, the better. Take them for a nice long walk in the evening, throw a ball in the backyard or just spend some quality time with them.

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