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Greenville Upcoming Events

At Camp Bow Wow

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    April 7-21 we will have a basket of Easter Eggs at the front desk each filled with a different mystery offer worth up to $30! The eggs are $5 each and all proceeds will benefit the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, and you may purchase as many eggs as your basket will hold!

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    Camp Bow Wow will be on holiday hours for Easter and will not be accepting Day Care reservations. Our holiday hours are from 7-10 am and 4-7 pm, this will be to check in and check out boarders.

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    Level 1 Training Class

    This is a beginner training class for any dog over the age of 6 months with no previous training.

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    Puppy Class

    This is a beginner class for puppies who have had at least their first round of shots and are under the age of 6 months. They will cover all the basics including; sit, stay, leash walking, and the down command.