Our Medication Policies

We wanted to take the time to go over our medication policies here at Camp. Please take a look at our policies below.

  • We ask that all medications and supplements be brought in original containers and we count how many are brought in. ANY medication that arrives in a baggie is put in a clear plastic 4 oz. bottle and labeled.
  • Pet parents are asked to review and update the Cabin card with feeding and medication instructions at drop off.
  • Separate medication cards are done for EACH medication. Multiple medication cards are labeled (for example 1 of 3) and stapled together. We never use one medication card for two dogs and we do not staple medication cards for different dogs together.
  • It is not uncommon to need to separate dogs from the same family for feeding. Dogs may have allergies, different diets, eat at different rates and/or get possessive of meals.
  • Team Leads administer and watch the dog consume all prescription medications. Leads are required to initial card when medication is consumed. Camp Counselors double-check medication cards when they pick up food dishes after each meal.
  • We also use medication cards for vitamins and supplements to make sure they are administered correctly.
  • Medication cards are bright yellow.
  • Cabin cards for dogs with medical conditions are flagged with neon tags.
  • The team is aware and watching dogs that are recovering, have medical conditions, need extra rest and/or are older or puppies."