Doga – Yoga with Dogs!

Earlier this week was National Yoga Day and what better way to celebrate than doing yoga with dogs – doga! This is far from traditional yoga but is rather a fun activity you can do alongside your pup.

  • We’ve all heard of goat yoga classes where goats walk around while you take a yoga class, interact with you, and possibly jump on your back mid-tabletop pose, but have you heard or thought of doing this with your pup?
    • A quick search for “dog yoga” could possibly yield some results for classes or events where you can do yoga amongst some pups depending on your location (doga is still catching on!) Some shelters and rescues put on these events to increase the chances of their pups being adopted, so that’s a good place to start looking.
  • If there aren’t any doga opportunities offered near you and you have a pup, check out a doga YouTube video so you don’t miss out on all the fun!
  • Want to do a yoga sesh at home? Invite your dog over to your mat!
    • Start by inviting your pup over to your mat allowing them to sniff around if they’d like. If your pup decides to leave, that’s okay too!
    • Remember to not force your pup into doing anything they don’t want to do - this should be a fun activity for all! Start off small when trying out doga, such as offering some pets, and build up to more time and a more involved process, such as helping your dog stretch – check out our previous blog article here to learn how to help your dog stretch!


  • If your pup seems to enjoy hanging out with you during yoga, try including them into some poses.
    • Of course, you have to do downward dog with your pup! Go into your pose and see if your pup joins you or what their reaction is – some pups do have a great downward dog!


  • End your great yoga sesh with shavasana on your mat with your pup.
    • We bet this will be their favorite part!


We hope you had fun trying out doga with your pup! If you try it out again, remember to never force your pup into doing something they aren’t comfortable with. Doga is different for every dog – some may join in on stretching and poses while others may want to lay on your mat, check out what you’re doing, or simply taking a nap. Either way, they are sure to enjoy some extra bonding time with you!