Poop Scooping FAQs

Here’s the Scoop: We Pick up Poop!

When doody calls, let us handle the dirty work so you can enjoy a clean yard! Our Camp Bow Wow® team has taken the time to answer frequently asked questions about our poop scooping services. It’s our duty to ensure your confidence when we arrive at your home to take care of your dog’s dirty business.

What makes you different than other poop scooping and pet care companies?

We are a part of North America’s largest and most trusted pet care franchises. With a name that has led the pet care industry since 2000, Camp Bow Wow is widely recognized across the continent as the premier provider of pet care. Pet parents trust our experience, knowledge, and reputation as a well-established brand.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

Yes, all of our Certified Caregivers must pass a background check.

Where do you dispose of the poop that you scoop?

Our team scoops and seals the poop in trash bags and disposes of it in your waste receptacle or hauls it away for you.

What happens if the Caregiver gets sick or is unable to come to my poop scoop appointment?

Camp Bow Wow would be happy to send out an alternate Certified Caregiver. We will let you know who to expect prior to their arrival for your convenience and safety.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. Camp Bow Wow In-Home franchises are fully bonded and insured.

What is your cancellation policy?

Because this may vary by location, it’s a great question to ask your local Camp Bow Wow when discussing your initial poop scoop visit.

Do you charge more if I have more dogs?

Our prices vary based on the number of dogs you have and the number of visits you schedule. Speak with one of our Certified Caregivers to learn more about how we can accommodate your needs.

Do you charge more for holiday services?

Get in touch with us to learn more about holiday surcharges, as they vary by location.

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