Dog Day Care FAQs

Everything You Need to Know about Dog Day Care Service

Trusting your dog to people you don’t know is tough. Thankfully, you can rest easy knowing our team of professional dog day care Counselors at Camp Bow Wow® has the training, certification, and passion to provide your pup with the best experience possible. We understand you have a lot of questions about our services, so we’ve provided answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Check out our answers and reach out if you have additional concerns.

What is doggy day care?

Doggy day care is a place to drop off your dog for the day to play with other furry friends and our Certified Camp Counselors® in a well-supervised, clean, safe, and fun environment.

Day Camp provides the opportunity to:

  • Provide your furry family member with regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve their socialization with dogs and people
  • Relieve separation anxiety, boredom, and destructive behavior at home
  • Increases your dog’s overall happiness

Is dog day care a a good idea?

Yes! When you choose Camp Bow Wow's dog day care services we ensure a happy, healthy, and safe environment for your pup. Dogs are social creatures, and they need regular interaction with other dogs in order to stay happy and healthy. Dog day care can provide plenty of socialization opportunities for your pup. At Camp Bow Wow® dog day care, we offer spacious play yards so your dog will have the chance to run and play with other dogs all day long. This is a great way for them to burn off energy, and it's also an excellent way for them to develop social skills.

Sending your pup to dog day care is also a good idea for owners. Camp Bow Wow® dog day care can provide valuable peace of mind for busy dog owners. If you're someone who works long hours or travels frequently, you can rest assured that your dog is being well cared for in a safe and stimulating environment. We even offer live webcams for you to monitor your pup at play! When considering sending your dog to dog day care, be sure to tour the Camp Bow Wow® facility and meet our staff to ensure it's the right fit for you and your pup.

What are the benefits of doggy day care?

Frequent participation in our dog Day Camp has many benefits, some of which include:

  • Regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Improved socialization with dogs and people
  • Relief of boredom, separation anxiety and destructive behavior at home
  • Increased overall happiness

At Camp Bow Wow, your pup can play with other dogs in a fun, safe, and well-supervised environment with large play yards. You can rest assured they’re having a great time with furry friends and receiving lots of TLC from our Certified Camp Counselors®.

What do dogs do all day at Camp?

They play! Our dog day care is your pup’s dream come true. They can enjoy our large, climate-controlled play yards, which are carefully supervised by Camp Counselors certified in pet first aid and CPR. Campers can play and socialize with other dogs—we make sure to separate them by size, temperament, and activity level—or take a nap in one of our spacious Cabins if they are tired. Overnight Campers play all day with the Day Campers, just taking breaks for meals and rest.

Do you walk the dogs?

We do not walk the dogs at Camp, as they have access to our play yards all day. They will get plenty of exercise running around with other dogs throughout the day. For their safety, and your peace of mind, dogs don’t leave Camp while in our care.

Do you provide outdoor play areas?

We sure do! Almost all our locations have both indoor as well as outdoor spaces. Check with your local Camp to learn more about their facility.

Why should I choose Camp Bow Wow?

Camp Bow Wow offers all-day play for your furry family member. They will be able to run, jump, romp, and enjoy the company of other dogs as well as our Certified Camp Counselors®. Traditional kennels often leave dogs in cages for a large portion of the day, only letting them out briefly or placing them in small outdoor spaces for a short period of time. Dogs in kennels usually don’t get to interact with other dogs or humans.

Because safety is our main priority, you can rest easy knowing Camp Bow Wow always has a strict dog-to-staff ratio as well as dog-loving Camp Counselors who are certified in pet first aid and CPR.

Our pricing is all-inclusive! Your pet’s stay automatically includes:

  • Day care with boarding stays
  • Medication administration if needed
  • The ability to check in and out anytime during Camp hours
  • Live web cams you can access from your computer or mobile device
  • Lots of TLC from our Certified Camp Counselors
  • A cozy Cabin, complete with a comfy cot and nightly treat for overnight boarders

Can you administer my dog’s medications? Is there a charge?

Our pricing is all-inclusive, so we can administer your dog’s medication at no additional cost. Please note that it must be in the original prescription bottle with an appropriate date. Unfortunately, we cannot inject medications.

Can I take a tour?

You sure can! We’d love to have you stop by and check out our Camp. No need to call ahead or book an appointment—just stop by during our business hours. We’ll be happy to show you around and answer your questions.

Can any dog come in for doggy day care?

Since our dogs interact in an all-day play environment, it’s important for them to get along well with others. We require that your pup first complete the Camper Interview process so we can see how they interact with other dogs and people.

To maintain our incredibly high safety standards and satisfaction ratings, we require your pup to be:

  • At least four months old
  • Spayed or neutered (if seven months old or older)
  • Current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines*
  • Flea/tick-free and in good overall health
  • Free of wounds or stitches of any kind
  • Wearing a quick-release collar (not a break-away collar)
  • Friendly with other dogs and people
  • Able to pass our Camper Interview and trial day
  • Wearing a name tag

*Please note that other vaccinations and requirements can vary by Camp. Contact your local Camp for more information.

What is the Camper Interview and why is it required?

Because we take safety very seriously, we’ve created policies to ensure a happy and healthy environment for all our Campers. We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards. Therefore, all dogs must pass our interview process before they can participate in our group play environment. The Interview is a minimum of three hours, but is completely free of charge. Our goal is to see if your dog enjoys the open-play environment our Camp offers. Please watch the video below for more information.

The Camper Interview involves:

  • Hands-on meet-and-greet, where we’ll make sure your pup is comfortable being handled and check for any possible issues such as fleas or ticks or existing injuries that might worsen during play
  • One-on-one introduction with other regular Campers
  • Slow introduction into the open-play environment specifically designed for your dog’s size and temperament

This interview is required because:

  • Dogs are in large social groups with other dogs so we want to make sure they’re all comfortable and having fun
  • It ensures the safety of your dog, other dogs, and our Certified Camp Counselors
  • It allows us to slowly introduce your dog and not overstimulate them

Do you turn away dogs based on their breed?

It is not our policy to turn away dogs based on breed, and we welcome all dogs based on their ability to pass the Camper Interview. It should be noted that certain locations may not allow certain breeds, depending on City Ordinances or Insurance Policies. Please reach out to your local Camp Bow Wow with questions.

Do dogs ever get hurt?

Similar to children on a playground, it’s possible for dogs to sustain very minor injuries while at a dog day care. During normal play, a dog may get small scratches, nicks, or lose a bit of fur. More serious injuries are very rare. For additional peace of mind, our Certified Camp Counselors® are extensively trained in dog behavior and fully certified to perform pet first aid and CPR. If serious treatment is needed, we will rush your pup to your personal vet or the emergency vet if your vet is unavailable.

Are you prepared in case of an illness or injury?

Yes! Our Camp Counselors are certified in pet CPR and first aid. In case of an injury, our first concern is always the well-being of our Camper. If necessary, we can take them to the nearest vet, or if possible, their own vet. We will always contact the pet parent in this type of scenario.

I have an older dog. Will they enjoy this environment?

All dogs are different, so this will completely depend on your dog. Some of our older Campers do great with their younger companions. Our interview process will ultimately help determine if our environment is right for your pup. We also regularly evaluate our Campers’ behaviors, so if we find that your pup isn’t assimilating well, we will let you know.

This is an environment that has dogs of different sizes. Is it safe for my smaller dog to be there?

For the safety of our Campers, we separate dogs into play areas based on their size, temperament, and activity level. Please note that some locations do have weight requirements.

What should I expect when my dog comes home from Camp?

Your dog may be tired. Why, you ask? It’s one of the great benefits of Camp! Dogs play all day so they are naturally tired at the end of the day. If your pup becomes overly tired during the day, we will take them to a Cabin for a short nap. It’s not uncommon for dogs to sleep after they come home.

Your dog may also be thirsty. Water is available at all times in play areas and Cabins, but playing hard makes dogs thirsty.

If your pup’s paws are sensitive, there’s no need to worry. It’s common for dogs’ pads to be sore after playing, especially when they first start coming to Camp. Most dog’s paws aren’t used to playing all day but they will build stronger pads the more they visit Camp.

Do I need to make a reservation for doggy day care near me?

Yes, a reservation is needed for boarding, and we recommend making it early. Your dog must have passed the interview to make a reservation. Some locations do require you to make a reservation for Day Camp, so check with your local Camp before bringing your dog in. Depending on the time of year, we can sometimes accommodate on short notice if your dog has previously completed the interview process. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas book several months in advance. Many locations fill up early for weekends during summer months. Please note that many locations require a deposit to hold a boarding reservation.

How do I make a reservation?

You can call your local Camp Bow Wow during Camp hours or request a reservation online through your local Camp’s website, or on our iPhone or Android app. One of our Certified Camp Counselors® will reach out to you to confirm your reservation request.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Each franchise location has its own cancellation and refund policy. Please inquire for the applicable policy in your Camp.

Should I feed my dog before going to Camp?

Because Camp Bow Wow is a fun, active environment, we do recommend feeding your canine a minimum of 90 minutes prior to joining our activities in order to prevent bloat. Bloat can be caused from playing too soon after eating and it can be deadly. If they have eaten sooner than that, please let our Camp Counselors know at check-in.

Where can I view the live web cams to watch my pup?

You can view the free live web cams on the Camp Bow Wow website via your computer, tablet, or mobile device. We also invite you to download our iPhone or Android app to easily access the cameras from anywhere. The cameras are on during business hours when the pups are at play. Many locations offer luxury suites with 24/7 access to the suite’s web cam.

Why aren’t toys allowed in the play yards?

This measure is to ensure the safety of all our Campers. Dogs can become possessive of toys, which can cause an altercation. If small pieces are torn off or broken off, a dog could choke or swallow and cause an obstruction.

When can I drop off and pick up my dog?

Dogs staying overnight can be dropped off anytime that day during Camp hours. We suggest arriving before 4 p.m. so they can play, eat, and play again prior to bedtime. While you can check your pup in and out anytime during Camp hours at no additional cost, we do request that you pick them up 15 minutes before closing so we can tuck in our Overnight Campers.

What is Camp Bow Wow’s spay/neuter policy?

Camp Bow Wow requires that all dogs must be spayed or neutered at 7 months of age in order to receive day care and boarding services.

  • Camp Bow Wow understands that the choice to spay or neuter and at what age is a decision to be made for each individual dog and by the dog’s owner and veterinarian.
  • For safety in a play group, dogs must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age to take part in boarding or day care services at Camp Bow Wow.
  • As dogs reach sexual maturity, they are able to reproduce and hormonal changes occur that can alter behavior or may cause tension amongst other dogs within the group dynamic. This can impact the safety of all Campers and is not advised for open play environments.
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