Account FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Camp Bow Wow account.

Register for and access your Camp Bow Wow account to manage your profile information, Campers’ information and more! Download the mobile app on iOS or Google Play or register via your web browser.

I am an existing customer. Do I already have an account?

All existing customers will need to register their account using the email address on file at Camp Bow Wow. Unsure of what email address we have on file for you? Check to see where you receive emails from Camp such as reservation reminder emails or reach out using the link below and we’ll be happy to assist. Once you successfully register for your account and sign in, you’ll see your information and your Campers’ information populated. 

Help Signing In

Why should I create an account?

There are so many great features for you to take advantage of in your Camp Bow Wow account, all of which will save you time at check-in and allow us to provide individualized care for your Camper based on their needs. Login to your account to: 

  • Request reservations
  • Manager Camper info (feeding and care instructions, vaccination records, medications and more)
  • Watch live webcams
  • Purchase packages and view available purchased services
  • And more!

How do I create an account? 

  • To create your account, go to
  • Registration requires: 
    •  An email address that is already on file with Camp Bow Wow or a valid email address for new customers 
    • An 8-character password containing 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character
    • Customer’s name 
    • Phone number 
  • Once all information is entered correctly, the Register Now button will activate.  
  • Select Register now. An email verification code will be sent to the email address entered within ten minutes
  • The verification code needs to be entered into the registration stepper and will recognize if the customer’s email is existing or new to the system
  • If new to Camp Bow Wow, you will be prompted to find your preferred Camp location and select Save + Continue to finalize
  • Then, you’ll review and sign our Terms & Policies to attend Camp.
  • Once the Terms & Policies have been signed, you can choose whether to request an interview right away (required to attend Camp!). We’ll only need a few details about your dog and then you can submit your interview request and a member of the Camp Bow Wow team will reach out to you to confirm scheduling.
  • Select “My Profile” from the ooo menu on the app or from the upper right hand drop down on the web browser
  • Review and update any existing information in your profile
    • New customers should complete all sections and fields prior to your dog’s interview reservation

How do I add a Camper to my account?

  • From the landing page, select “Add Camper” 
  • Enter the Dog’s Name and select “Begin” 
  • All Camper information is required on the Camper Details page to proceed.  
    • Enter Camper’s estimated Date of Birth  
    • Select the Camper’s Breed
      • Add more than one breed by selecting + Add a Breed  
    • Select Camper’s Color
      • Add more than one color by selecting + Add a Color 
    • Add Camper’s current weight  
    • Select Male or Female  
    • Once all fields are entered, select “Save” and proceed to the tabs for Health Records, Diet + Meds, and Initial Behavior Info. Please note that all fields will be required to be completed prior to your dog’s interview day so that we can get to know them

How do I add my dog’s veterinarian?

  • Select to View/Edit your Camper’s profile
  • Select Heath Records
  • Select to Edit next to “Veterinarian”
  • Click on “Find your Local Vet”
  • Enter the Vet’s zip code and click on the search icon.
  • Select the correct Veterinarian office/address
    • If the vet office is not listed, select “My vet is not listed”
  • Click “Select” at the bottom of the page

How do I update my Camper’s vaccination records?

  • Select to View/Edit your Camper’s profile
  • Select Heath Records 
  • Select “Upload”
  • Vaccination records can be selected from the device in the following formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG
    • Repeat above step for any additional vaccination documents. 
  • Select “Save”
    • A successful upload will populate a message that the vaccination records have been sent to Camp for review.  
  • Your local Camp Bow Wow will review and let you know if they need any additional documentation prior to your next visit

How do I update my payment method?

  • Select the more menu
  • Select Payments
  • Select Add a Credit Card
  • Enter the credit card information
  • Select save.
  • To remove an old credit card from your profile:
    • Click the trash can symbol next to the credit card to be removed 
    • Select Delete on the confirmation pop up
  • To update primary credit card on file: 
    • Select Change next to the current Primary Payment Method
    • Click the bubble next to the preferred credit card information
    • Select Save

How do I get back to the main screen? 

  • Click the back arrow on the top left-hand corner of the mobile application.  
  • In the web browser, select the Camp Bow Wow logo on the top left-hand corner of the screen

How do I update my Emergency Contact information? 

  • Within your more navigation menu, select My Profile
  • Select Other Contacts
  • Select the > next to the contact you need to update
    • OR select Add a Contact
  • Input correct contact information
  • Select Add or Save on the record

How do I book a reservation?

  • Select Book a Reservation from the main landing page
  • Choose the location you would like to book your reservation for
  • Select Continue
  • Select the Camper(s) on the reservation
  • Click Continue
  • Select service needed (boarding, day care, grooming) and Continue
  • Select Date(s) needed and Continue. 
  • Select desired add on services for your pup.
  • Click Review Request
  • Confirm all details are correct and select Submit Request. 
  • Requests are not guaranteed reservations and you should receive a confirmation from the local Camp
    • Once confirmed, the reservation will appear within your landing page. 
  • Note that reservations cannot be requested for dates more than 12 months away

How do I update my reservation? 

  • Call your local Camp Bow Wow to update your reservation. 

How do I review the Camp Bow Wow terms & policies I signed? 

  • Within the more navigation menu, select “My Profile”
  • Select “Terms & Policies”
  • Click “View Signed Release on File”
  • A PDF download will appear

How do I remove a Camper from my profile? 

  • On the Camper Profile, select “View/Edit” 
  • Select the paw print icon “Remove Camper”  
  • A popup window will appear to confirm removal. Select REMOVE
  • Select a reason and then click “Submit”
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