Deep Cleaning Matters At Camp Bow Wow

As you know, while your dogs are at Camp, they spend the majority of their time enjoying the play yards. Cleaning is a top priority here at Camp Bow Wow – Springfield. When your dogs are taking a break from the play yards in their cozy cabins, we are cleaning – and vice versa!

Cleaning is a top priority! The play yards and cabins get cleaned every single day. On top of daily cleaning and a very aggressive hand washing/sanitizing protocol we also:

  • Provide a weekly sanitizing and deodorizing. This process offers a neutral PH, destroys antibiotic-resistant bacteria and tough viruses. It is the same system used in healthcare facilities for an optimum sterile environment.
  • Perform a deep steam clean. This cleaning system heats to four hundred degrees and kills over 99.9% of all bacteria.

Our motto on cleaning is disinfected, sanitize, repeat, and repeat again! That’s right, 365 days a year we are cleaning to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for your Campers! Dog hair may be near impossible to get rid of but we do our best to keep Camp as clean as possible!