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  • image of our Camper of the Month - Bailey

    February 2021 Camper of the Month


    Ms. Bailey first joined us at Camp in November of 2018 as a 4-month old pup! At that time, she was unsure of the new environment and a little nervous around all of the other dogs. However, if you tell anyone at Camp about that time they probably wouldn't believe you! Now every time she shows up, she is 100% ready to go and see all of her friends with no fear! She is such a happy goofy girl that we love seeing every week, and many of us have had the pleasure of watching her grow up. The only thing we ever

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Mia Muffin

    January 2021 Camper of the Month

    Mia Muffin

    Ms. Mia Muffin has been a camper with us since 2015, and we are so lucky to have her as one of our regulars! She is the queen of our small dog yard and she knows it. She is one of the most excited dogs you could ever see when she walks in the door at Camp; her pure joy and happiness when she comes in is bound to put a smile on everyone's face. We are all so grateful to know Mia Muffin and see her adorable face every week!

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Bentley

    November 2020 Camper of the Month


    Bentley is a three-year-old Australian Shepherd that has been a regular with us at Camp since April of 2018 when he was just four months old! He was a little puppy with a big personality when he started coming to Camp and that hasn't changed one bit. Although he is one of the smallest dogs in our big dog yards, he has one of the biggest personalities in there! Sometimes he can be mischievous in the yard when we find him with random things in his mouth (leaves, fur, etc.), but most times he's playing with hi

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Blitz

    October 2020 Camper of the Month


    Blitz has been a regular Camper with us for five years now and we are all so happy we get to see him almost always five times a week! He is a handsome 6-year old German Shepherd, and he knows it because we all call him the handsome man everyday he comes. He has a feisty personality that all of us at Camp love because we know he's just a big sweetheart that wants lots of love and attention. He loves coming to Camp almost as much as we all love him!

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Ollie

    October 2020 Camper of the Month


    Ollie started joining us at Camp as a 4-month old puppy in May of this year and we have all loved watching him grow over the last 6 months! He is usually one of the smallest pups in our small dog yard, but he does not let that stop him from playing with absolutely everyone! He becomes best friends with every dog he plays with and always makes all of his fellow campers feel welcome. When he's not romping around with his friends, he's relaxing with his tongue always sticking out! Everyone adores little Ollie

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Maverick

    September 2020 Camper of the Month


    Maverick has been a camper with us since the very beginning of Camp Bow Wow in Albany! Starting with us in October 2014, Maverick is a staff favorite for his unique personality. He hangs out with his fellow campers & counselors on weekends, and is always willing to tell you what he's thinking! He's known for being quite the chatterbox, but also for being an old soul who just wants all of the scratches and love he can get. Maverick is one of a kind and camp would not be the same without him!

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Doc

    August 2020 Camper of the Month


    We have been lucky enough to have Doc as a regular camper with us since November of 2016! He is always such a happy boy, his joy and happiness radiate to everyone around him. That is one of the many reasons why we all love seeing when he comes in the door. Whether he is playing and running around or napping next to one of his friends, he is always putting a smile on someone's face!

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Tigger

    July 2020 Camper of the Month


    Tigger is the king of the red toy in the small dog yard! When he's at Camp, you can usually find him lying there with his tongue sticking out waiting for some belly rubs or taking a nice nap. He started with us as a 6 month old puppy and we've watched him grow into the mature 2 year old boy he is now, although he does still piddle when he gets excited about his belly rubs and seeing his favorite people! He puts a smile on everyone's face when he walks in and immediately rolls over waiting for someone to com

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Doc

    June 2020 Camper of the Month


    Mister Doc has been gracing our team with his presence since he was a little pupper. This gentle giant has no problem zooming around the yards with his furriends and then plopping on down for a nap. When in yard, Doc loves to seek out the counselors and leans his whole body into their legs, his version of a hug! Though Doc is thrilled to get to Camp, no one is more important to him than his amazing mom Carol. These two are inseparable and have one of the most comical relationships, and our team has been spo

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Watson

    February 2020 Camper of the Month


    We're celebrating his 5 year anniversary with his forever friends at Camp! Watson is one of the sweetest pups who has flirted his way into all of our hearts. He has absolutely perfected puppy eyes and pulls you to him from across the yard with his adorable gaze. What's most memorable is when he jumps up to get up-close love and attention, he does it in the most gentle way. You barely feel anything before you notice his sweet face coming close for kisses. He also loves to wrap his paws around your hands and

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Sloan

    January 2020 Camper of the Month


    Sloan is one of the Camps original crew members, she started with us when she was just four months old! She's now a calm and loving 3-year-old gal who attends camp on a weekly basis. Girlfriend loves to be outside when the weather is warm and sunny, you'll find her working on her tan! She's such a treat to have in the yard, each counselor loves the one-on-one time she seeks out, determined to get her chin scratches and belly rubs. This little lady will pose for any photos, as soon as the camera comes out, s

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Walter & Wilson

    December 2019 Camper of the Month

    Walter & Wilson

    Oh boys... Walter and Wilson are our dynamic sibling duo at Camp. When the boys come into Camp we all know it's going to be a day full of laughs. Walter has been coming to camp since November 2016 and we recently were blessed with the addition of Wilson. When Walter is in the yard he insists on sitting on the Counselors feet, his way of demanding love and attention from everyone he meets. New Counselors quickly fall in love with Walter, he's not shy about introducing himself and establishing the 'pet me' re

  • image of our Camper of the Month - Chooie

    November 2019 Camper of the Month


    Chooie, aka the Mayor of the Small Dog Yard, has been coming to Camp since we opened! His calm energy and welcoming personality make him the perfect candidate to greet all of our new campers. Chooie has worked his way into every counselor's heart and makes sure to get his daily dose of love and attention! He loves to wait for the counselors to stop walking and then delivers a paw-attack for chin and tail scratches!

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