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From the individualized care our canine-loving staff provides to playtime with other four-legged friends, your dog has never had this much fun! Our team understands the key elements to a happy pup and we find great joy in incorporating them into our daily activities. We believe every single one of our Campers deserves premier treatment, which is why you'll receive all of the great benefits of Camp at one upfront cost.

  • Photo of Samuel Dearth
    Samuel Dearth Owner See Full Bio
    Photo of Samuel Dearth
    Samuel Dearth Owner

    Meet Samuel, our Camp Ranger. Samuel and his wife Christine are pet parents to an 8-year old female lab/mix named Jargon and an 8-year old foxhound named Lucy.

    When Jargon was a puppy, she required constant supervision because she loved to pick up items and chew on them. One evening, Jargon grew ill requiring emergency vet care. An x-ray revealed a blockage that turned out to be a rock. The rock was surgically removed but it was clear that Jargon would need to be supervised more closely when she was outside.

    With a demanding travel schedule for Samuel and long work hours for Christine, they researched the Albany region for dog daycare facilities that could assist in keeping a watchful eye on Jargon a few days a week. Unhappy with the facilities in the area, Samuel researched national franchises and came across the Camp Bow Wow brand. In 2014, Camp Bow Wow opened doors providing doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, and training services for dogs of the Albany area.

    “I’m a pet parent first and foremost”, says Samuel. “I view our operation through the lens of a pet parent and I’m very proud of our incredible customer service, transparency for pet parents to watch their dogs play via our webcams, and the peace of mind we offer our customers."

  • Photo of Kristie K.
    Kristie K. Camp Director See Full Bio
    Photo of Kristie K.
    Kristie K. Camp Director

    Started working at Camp: 2/20/15

    About: Kristie is our Camp Director and has touched every aspect of the camp experience. Kristie started where most employees start; as a Camp Counselor in the play yards managing play groups of up to 25 dogs. She quickly mastered the fundamentals of safe play yard management and was most often called on to handle the most challenging yards. Since then, Kristie has served as a Team Lead, Certified Dog Trainer, Marketing Associate, and Operations Manager before being named as Camp Director in April 2018.

    Kristie has her Corporate Dog Training Certification and is a CPDT-KA Certified Trainer. Kristie’s favorite part about working at Camp is “when the Campers enter the facility, pulling and crying because they’re so excited to be there. I also love seeing them go home tired, knowing they played hard and their parents will enjoy a tired pup!” Kristie has a 6-year-old mutt named Memphis at home. She rescued him was 8 weeks old and covered in dander. He quickly became her best friend and taught her so much about unconditional love and forgiveness. Outside of Camp, Kristie loves finding different trails and paths to take with Memphis. “We’ve been all over the capital region and Adirondacks, our next adventure is to the Catskills!”

  • Photo of Kayla C.
    Kayla C. Assistant Manager See Full Bio
    Photo of Kayla C.
    Kayla C. Assistant Manager

    Kayla joined Camp Bow Wow on July 24, 2018. She is a valued resource who has proven versatile and skilled at multiple positions. Kayla worked her way up from a Camp Counselor to an Operations Team Lead and now serves as an Assistant Operations Manager. You will also see her at the front desk serving in a Guest Services capacity from time to time. Her favorite experience at camp is being hands-on in the play yards. When Kayla is not caring for your pup, she’s where else? … at home caring for her four pit bulls Apollo, Henny, Nova, and Jase!

  • Photo of Angela
    Angela Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Angela
    Angela Camp Counselor

    Angela has been a dedicated and important part of our back-of-house team since February 2017. Since then Angela has earned each promotion, moving from Camp Counselor to Operations Lead, and now our Assistant Manager! You can always catch Angela petting and cuddling each and every camper in her yard, making sure they all know how much she genuinely loves them. Often times when parents are gushing about the counselor caring for their dog on camera, they're referring to Angela. She also goes above and beyond for her team! Angela will often bring in homemade treats for everyone, made with love by her and her boyfriend. We frequently get spoiled by them when it comes to baking season! If you've had the pleasure of meeting Angela then you can easily understand why we all love her so much!

  • Photo of Gladys
    Gladys Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Gladys
    Gladys Camp Counselor

    Gladys has been with Camp Bow Wow since April of 2016. Since then she has worked her way from a Camp Counselor, then a Team Lead and is now our Operations Manager. Gladys has a wonderful work ethic along with some great dance moves that you’ll see in yard from time to time.

    Her favorite thing about camp is seeing all the different breeds and spending all day petting, kissing, talking, and enjoying each pups personality. When she’s not at Camp, she’s home caring for her many beloved pets: Smokey - 19 year old Long Haired! Loves spending her day in a box, in a bag, or just in front of the window sun bathing and wishing she could go outside and catch a sparrow. Hazel - 14 year American Staffie! Playing freebie in her spare time otherwise she is the biggest Couch potato for sure and loves laying on the couch snuggled next to her favorite human. Sasha - 13 year old Chinese Shar-Pei! The love of my life! The wrinkles are to die for at least when she was a puppy anyway. She is super aloof but very much enjoys spending time with her other doggie siblings. Koko - 2 year old Staffie Mix who loves to sing along to Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith songs! You’ll see him running around the yards at camp and jumping for kisses! And three new ducklings have been added to the family!

  • Photo of Jackson
    Jackson Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Jackson
    Jackson Camp Counselor

    Jackson has been a part of our Camp Family since December of 2018. She's such a busy woman as she finishes up Nursing School, yet Jackson still makes time to play with the pack when she's at camp. Jackson has a can-do attitude and is extremely thorough when it comes to cleaning projects, obviously making her an important part of our team here!

    Her teammates describe her as having a contagious smile, a positive attitude, a helpful hand, and an all-around great person! Not only does she genuinely love and care for all the campers here, but Jackson is also a team player through and through. If ever we need help, she's there to offer her all. When it's graduation time we'll be sad to see her go, but eternally grateful for all that she has contributed!

  • Photo of Kelly
    Kelly Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Kelly
    Kelly Camp Counselor

    Kelly has been a staple at camp since spring of 2016. If your camper came as a puppy, odds are Kelly has watched them grown each and every week. She too quickly grew and developed her fundamental skills and cross-trained to our front desk staff. As of early last year, Kelly took on the permanent role of our PM Guest Service Agent, sending all of your pups home with a cheerful smile. Kelly is frequently referred to by parents as "Happy, kind and helpful!" Many team members at camp would say that Kelly is quick to brighten the room when she arrives, greeting everyone she encounters with a big hello and a warm smile.

    When she's not getting tons of puppy kisses at Camp, you'll find her hitting the books and working towards her degree, yes she does it all! When it comes to her downtime, she's home spending quality time with her spitfire Mini Schnauzer, Miss Molly.

  • Photo of Madi C.
    Madi C. Front Desk Manager See Full Bio
    Photo of Madi C.
    Madi C. Front Desk Manager

    Madi Campbell is our Guest Services Manager at Camp. She's been working with us since October of 2015. Madi loves dogs and has since she was a child and always looked for volunteer jobs to work with dogs. Working with pups was a dream come true!

    Madi has gone above and beyond for our Camp. She used to work at a veterinarian office where she administered medications and learned the handling of animals. She's also learned the body language and behaviors of our pups.

    While she's not at Camp, Madi likes camping, fishing, swimming, and generally being outdoors with her dogs Snickers and Takoda. In the colder seasons, she likes to snowboard and watch television and movies with her pups and her cats, Mittens, Thor, and Loki.

    Madi cares deeply for our Campers and their parents. We are so thankful for Madi!

  • “Great staff, professional, friendly and welcoming. Immaculate environment and expert care for your Camper.”

    - Joanne C.

  • “I love how comfortable the staff made us feel leaving our Duke there for the first time!! Everyone is so friendly, I know he's in great care when at Camp Bow Wow!! Duke is always excited now before we even get into the parking lot!! I also LOVE the pet cameras!! They really are addicting to watch, but it's so fun seeing him running around and having fun!! We love Camp Bow Wow & can't wait to come back!”

    - Kelly R.

  • “A very kind and caring staff! I always feel secure knowing that the staff truly love my dog and that they will make sure he is happy and comfortable during his stay. They are the best!”

    - Su-Kim C.

  • “I absolutely love this place. They take incredible care of my dog. They make her welcome and I feel comfortable knowing she is well taken care of. Recommend to anyone who has a dog.”

    - Kimberly S.

  • “Staff is always very friendly and knows my dog, facilities are always clean, the webcams allow us to check our dog's activity, and hours cover my work day. Most importantly, my dog LOVES going to Camp! When she hears us on the phone making reservations for play, or hears us say "Camp", she grabs her leash with such excitement she moves furniture in her path as she heads for the door!”

    - Terri S.

  • “Super friendly team of staff! Very kind, caring, accommodating, flexible. They loved my dog and treated her like their own. I will be back!”

    - Holly H.

  • “The staff is always helpful and kind. I know when I leave my dogs at Camp Bow Wow they will be taken care of, have a great time and come home worn out from playing all day. I love the Camper Cams so I can check in on them!”

    - Hayley L.

  • “Camp Bow Wow is fabulous...they are passionate about their work, always happy to see our pup, and take great care of it for day Camp or overnight. We love Camp Bow Wow!”

    - Angelica M.

  • “We know our dogs are in trusted hands at Camp Bow Wow. They always have fun playing with their "friends" and we love being able to check in on them throughout the day”

    - Nicole J.

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