Benefits Of Mental Stimulation At Camp

You may have heard us talking about “Circuit Training” during your morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up. If you weren’t sure what it is or who it’s for, here’s the inside scoop!

During Circuit Training we work the dogs one-on-one with our Certified Behavior Buddies Trainer and Assistant Trainers on various basic obedience commands and tricks.

Circuit Training provides 30 minutes of mental stimulation for your dog, while also giving them practice on those good behaviors you want more of! These commands include not jumping on people, walking nicely on a leash, and sitting when asked – the FIRST time!

Circuit Training has benefited so many of our Campers in different ways, we can’t even begin to describe our excitement over the success of the program! Here are a few examples of how Circuit Training could benefit your Camper:

Building Confidence: Some of our most shy Campers have had the most amazing transformations with this program. Performing a simple command and being rewarded for it builds confidence in shy dogs, and doing it in the Camp environment with other dogs around helps them build confidence at Camp. We’ve seen dogs who used to prefer to hide under the play equipment come out and sniff and initiate play with other dogs! They’re learning new things and being rewarded for performing commands for different people and experiencing new objects.

Mental Stimulation: If you have a working breed dog or a dog that just needs a little something extra, Circuit Training is a great choice! Whether your dog has extra physical energy that you can just never seem to get rid of or you notice Camp isn’t tiring them out like it used to, add in some mental stimulation! 10 minutes of mental stimulation is like 30 minutes of physical exercise for a dog!

  • Reinforce Good Behavior: Whether you’re currently in an obedience class, have never taken a class, or just simply don’t have the time, your dog can still learn basic manners. Just drop them off at Camp for the day and ask for Circuit Training (available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and we’ll send you an email with photos and information of what we worked on so you can reinforce it at home!

Those are just a few ways we’re adding to your dog’s day at Camp.

  • 1 session = $30
  • 2 sessions = $55
  • 5 sessions = $130
  • 10 sessions = $250
  • Membership (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks) = $180

We even offer Circuit Training during boarding stays. Ask us about Circuit Training at check-in or purchase a package and see the difference in your dog!