Signs Your Pup Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety, & How To Help Them

We know these last few months have been new for all of us, including our pets. Dogs have spent every moment with their owners from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Can you imagine how different it will be once owners have to go back to working in offices or outside the home? Even something as little as going to the grocery store can result in separation anxiety in your pup. Check out the signs and symptoms of separation anxiety below and learn how you can help your pup through this tough time.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety

Stress and fear in dogs can show in many ways. If your pup shows one or two of these behaviors randomly, it may not exactly be something to worry about. If your pup is continuously exhibiting multiple symptoms, it's more likely your pup has separation anxiety.

- Not eating their food or treats

- Destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, ripping apart items

- Whining, pacing, or trembling

- Escape attempts when you are leaving

How To Help Your Pup Manage Separation Anxiety

If you find your pup is exhibiting moderate anxiety, it's time to help your pup. The goal here is to help your pup not feel the anxiety from being alone. While this is not a quick process, it is most definitely worth it. Well start with short periods of time working with your pup on being alone, and work up to longer periods of time.

- Calmly Enter & Exit: When coming and going through your house, try to keep it simple when saying goodbye to your pup. Say a simple hello, goodbye, or even ignore your pup. Making a big scene when entering or exiting your home will tell your pup that it is a big deal that you left!

- Come & Go Often: This will help your pup understand you are not abandoning them every time you leave your home. You can start with small steps that include you grabbing your keys, walking out the door, and coming back in right away. Then you can gradually work your pup up to increasing the time before you reenter the home.

- Make A Change In Your Routine Before Leaving: Dogs are smart. They will pick up on the small things you do before you leave the house. Try changing up the pattern by getting dressed to 'leave' and then sitting to watch TV, or grabbing your keys and going to sit down!

- Bring Your Pup To Daycare: Camp Bow Wow provides a home away from home for your pup. Your pup is given the attention they want and need while getting to play with furry friends. It's all-day play while you're away! We often say pups have more fun than you do when they come to Camp!