Why Dogs Need Regular Nail Trims

I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t enjoy a manicure and it’s become posh for men to partake in this grooming ritual. When it comes to your dog, is a manicure really necessary and is it an necessity or a privilege?

Why dogs should have regular nail trims

  • Overgrown nails can break easily and painfully (above the quick)
  • Long term overgrown nails can cause difficulty walking, which leads to pain and can even contribute to arthritis
  • Regular nail trims will maintain the quick of the nail and cause it to recede toward the base of the nail, so the nails will remain permanently shorter
  • Nails that are untrimmed can grow into the pads of the feet which is extremely painful for the dog and can cause infection
  • Overgrown nails can prevent the pads of a dogs foot from having good traction on the ground

Methods of dog nail trimming

  • Clippers-Human nail clippers shouldn’t be used on dogs. A dog's nails aren’t flat like humans are, therefore they require a different clipper. There is a regular scissor style clipper and also a guillotine style clipper that are suited for canine nail trims.
  • Dremel-Yes, it has many uses and one of them is grinding down canine nails. It’s not nearly as dramatic as it sounds and it has actually become a preferred method for many groomers and canine professionals. The Dremel slowly files down the nails to a nice rounded finish. Think of your nails after you clip them, jagged edges that need to be filed, right? Well…the Dremel is like a nail file for your dog.

How often should dogs have their nails trimmed?

  • Trimming your dog's nails twice a month will keep them a healthy length and will maintain the quick of the nail

When can I get my dogs nails trimmed?

We do nail trims with the Dremel right from our Camp where your dogs play every day anyway! Just tell us at drop off that you’d like a nail trim and what time you’ll be picking up and we’ll have it taken care of.

Cost is $10 or a nail trim service is included in our bath package for $35.