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At McHenry We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow McHenry. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Rufus Learman

    September Camper of the Month

    Rufus Learman

    Age: 2 years old
    Breed: Beagle mix
    As the weather begins to change, we decided it's time to bring back Camper of the Month with an absolute favorite for September, Rufus Learman! One of the happiest pups around, this compact 2 year old Beagle mix is a ball of energy. Rufus embodies the true soul of a hound by taking his time to smell EVERYTHING before walking in the door. Once he is the yard, you can hear his playful bellow and he sounds the alarm that it's time to play! He is the party-starter. Rufus can make FUR-iends with any dog and have them playing in no time. We love to have such a spunky pup as part of our pack. Let's put our PAWS together for this great Camper, Rufus!

  • Lily McChesney

    March Camper of the Month

    Lily McChesney

    Age: 4 years old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever
    It’s that time of year to Spring ahead with our March Sham-ROCKstar of the Month. This cheerful girl has been coming to Camp for 1.5 years. Lily has been a favorite since day one, she just fit right in! Her drive to play, especially fetch, is matched by no dog! Lily has a passion for bringing the Counselors anything she can find; she would even give you her nose, if it came off. We waited patiently for Lily to return after she helped her family welcome a little human brother. Now she is bark-in-action and brings so much fun to any day! Help us congratulate this lovely lab, here’s to you Lily!

  • Barney and Eve Tylkowski

    February Campers of the Month

    Barney and Eve Tylkowski

    Age: Both are about 2.5 years old
    Breed: Basset Hounds
    Love is in the air and we are excited to celebrate the heart melting brother and sister for our February Campers of the Month. These two are from separate litters but go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! Barney has been playing at Camp for over 2 years now and Eve is close behind. Barney, or Bernard, is the epitome of an old soul. He is regal with a love for play! When this duo is around you can’t help but smile and pet those wrinkly faces. Eve is our girl next door! Sweet and everyone’s best friend, she will steal your heart. We are so lucky to have such a special pair of pups. Cheers to Barney and Eve!

  • Ghost Balciunaite

    January Camper of the Month

    Ghost Balciunaite

    Age: 3.5 years old
    Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
    The time has come to ring in the New Year by throwing those PAWS in the air for our January Camper of the Month, Ghost Balciunaite! This striking boy has been coming to Camp for 3 years! We love Ghost because he may seem very regal at first glance, but once he warms up, he is just a goofball at heart! When it’s time to play this boy will bounce around like a clumsy puppy. His favorite is to sneak up on the Counselors and bump them from behind. It’s his way to say “come and play”! So never judge a pup at first sight because this one is just amazing. Everyone join us to celebrate 2020 and a leader of our pack, Ghost!

  • Knox Rotman

    December Camper of the Month

    Knox Rotman

    Age: 9 years old
    Breed: Vizsla mix
    It’s time to see who has been naughty or nice and on the top of our list is the December Camper of the Month, Knox Rotman! This stunning little guy has been coming to Camp for over 2 years. We are full of holiday spirit when Knox comes to play because even at his age, he never slows down! He is very athletic and can out run and jump any puppy who tries to challenge him. The counselors fight over who Knox wants to snuggle with more! He is such a sweet boy and really loves to get all the attention. We are ready to ring in this new year celebrating this PAW-tastic pup. Cheers to you Knox!

  • Coco Dechow

    November Camper of the Month

    Coco Dechow

    It’s that time of year when everyone takes the time to be thankful for all the great things in life. We want to show our gratitude to the November Camper of the Month, Coco Dechow! This amazing little guy has been bringing us joy for 3 plus years now. Even though he may be one of our oldest Campers, Coco never lets that slow him down. He struts into Camp with confidence, like he owns the place! Whenever his friends are around there is sure to be spunky bouts of fun. Coco is definitely a favorite because of his outgoing personality and sweet disposition. Everyone loves to get some snuggle time with Coco and his giant bag of toys! He has something new and cool each time he stays. Help us give thanks for being so lucky to have such a Paw-fect dog be in our pack! Cheers to Coco!

  • Nonny Schnelker

    October Camper of the Month

    Nonny Schnelker

    Age: 2 years old
    Breed: Havanese
    Fall is in the air which means it’s time to watch the world change colors and raise our paws to our October Camper of the Month. This handsome guy has been entertaining us all with his colorful personality since he was just 4 months old. He was the life of the play yard even on his first day! When arriving to Camp, he always makes sure everyone knows he’s here to play. Nonny may be small but he uses that to his advantage, jumping like a giant and making moves like a football pro! All the Campers join in on the fun when Nonny is around. This pup is one that stole all our hearts and keeps us all wanting more. Let’s give a big congrats to this one of a kind little star, Nonny!

  • Brandy Rasmussen

    August Camper of the Month

    Brandy Rasmussen

    Age: 2 years old
    Breed: German Shepherd
    We may be on the TAIL-end of Summer but our August Camper of the Month, has us all waggin’ with glee! She started coming to Camp at just four months of age. Brandy is a younger, not littler sister, to another sweetheart named Ruthie. We just love having Brandy come to play because she is not your typical Shepherd. She is one of a kind! Her body is petite and she has a very docile demeanor. There is not a single dog or person that hasn’t just fallen for this gem. However, she does have a secret wild side when it comes to a game of chase! It is always a great day to watch Brandy have fun. Let’s put our paws together to congratulate this amazing member of our pack, Brandy!

  • Chloe Wartalski

    July Camper of the Month

    Chloe Wartalski

    Age: 11 years old
    Breed: Boston Terrier and French Bulldog
    Summer is in full swing and we are ready to PAW-ty with our July Campers of the Month, Chloe Wartalski! She been coming to Camp for over almost 3 years now. Chloe is our energizer-Boston! She never stops moving and will give endless amounts of kisses to her fur-iends! So help us celebrate this very happy Camper, Chloe!

  • Maxwell Wartalski

    July Camper of the Month

    Maxwell Wartalski

    Age: 11 years old
    Breed: French Bulldog
    Summer is in full swing and we are ready to PAW-ty with our July Campers of the Month, Maxwell Wartalski! He has been coming to Camp for over almost 3 years now. When it comes to Maxwell, he is our tortoise-speed, love bug. Maxwell is always making baby noises to get the Counselors’ attention! We really do enjoy having him as part of our pack.

  • Bailey Pedersen


    Bailey Pedersen

    Age: 5.5 years old
    Breed: German Shepherd mix
    Summer sunshine is slowly bringing us smiles and our June Camper of the Month, Bailey Pedersen! This sweet-as-pie girl has been coming to Camp every week and sometimes stays for sleep overs for a one year now! We have just fallen head over heels with her because she has such a unique personality. At first meeting, Bailey is timid and plays coy. Even in the play yard she will sit on the side and survey the group to deem who is worthy to romp around with! It is simply precious to see her open up and flash her puppy-side. Once Bailey gets going, it is easy to see why everyone adores to be around her! She has really come into her own here at Camp and we are so lucky to have her in our pack. Let's celebrate this one of a kind gem, Bailey!

  • Rosie and Ozzy Brennan


    Rosie and Ozzy Brennan

    Age: 3 years and 2.5 years
    Breed: Golden mix and Shepard mix
    Spring is in the air and we are happy to celebrate this merry month of May with our Campers of the month, Ozzy and Rosie Brennan! This brother and sister have been a FUR-tastic duo to have as part of our pack. Ozzy has been coming to camp for almost 2 years now. While Rosie, the "little" sister, joined her brother one year ago. We loved watching these two bond together because they have such different personalities. Ozzy is a very outgoing, outspoken, playful guy who let's everyone know how excited he is! Rosie did not share the same confidence, especially in the beginning. She was very timid and shy but stuck by her brother as he showed her the ropes. Soon Rosie was joining in the games of chase with playful enthusiasm. Ozzy has been such a great big brother and Rosie is now a confident, happy camper because of it. All the Camp Counselors enjoy when they come because Ozzy always makes sure to give hugs before they both run off with their FUR-iends. We are lucky to have such a sweet pair of pups like these two. Congratulations to our perfectly paired siblings, Ozzy and Rosie!

  • Max Hamblen


    Max Hamblen

    Age: 11.5 years
    Breed: Cockapoo
    Bio: This handsome boy has been coming to Camp since 2009, 10 years now! Needless to say he truly is an original member of the pack. Max has become such a staple here, he could practically train the staff himself! We love having Max come stay with us because he really enjoys playing with all his fur-iends. Even being a little older, has never held Max back from running and tearing around the play yard. He is a seasoned pro at helping new Campers get used to the routine. However, he does adore his snuggle time with all the Counselors. Max let's you know he is happy by humming with excitement which is the cutest sound ever. He even looks to be smiling all the time. We love this quirky, curly pup! Again, let's say congrats to Max!

  • Javelin McLaughlin


    Javelin McLaughlin

    Age: 1.5 years
    Breed: Corgi/Terrier
    Bio: Everybody help us HOWL into 2019 as we recognize our January Camper of the Month, Javelin McLaughlin! Everybody loves this adorable little pup since the first day she came to Camp, over a year ago now. She has a very unique look and no one can tell what breeds makes up her family tree. Javelin is a "regular" here but that's not how we would describe her! The Counselors love spending so much time with her because she comes to play about four days each week. One of her favorite play yard pass times is digging furiously at the ground! She uses this to draw the attention of all her play mates so they run over and then a game of chase begins. Even when it's time for her to leave, Javelin will grab the leash and try to walk herself out. There is never a dull day at Camp when our little fire-cracker is here. Please help us celebrate our one-of-a-kind girl, Javelin!

  • Molly Schirmer


    Molly Schirmer

    Age: 2.5 years
    Breed: Labrador Retriever
    Bio: It’s time to roll back those clocks and give thanks for our November Camper of the Month, Molly Schirmer! This gorgeous Labrador Retriever is now 2.5 years old and has been part of our pack for almost 2 years. Molly started off as a shy and quiet young pup who was glued to her big sister’s side. Then we watched as she became more confident and began to romp and play her days away! Our Camp Counselors adore Molly’s sweet nature and ability to befriend any dog. Now, Molly has a new little brother that she took under her wing. She showed him the ropes and helped him become a pup-tacular Camper too! We love how Molly is so excited to get to Camp to play, she literally drags her mom through the door. During her sleep overs, it’s a favorite to make her breakfast of milk and Cheerios. Molly is truly one of a kind! Help us celebrate this magnificent girl, Molly our little sweetheart.

  • Rocket



    Age: 4 years
    Breed: Beagle/Spaniel mix
    It’s time to get those treats out and PAW-ty down with our July Camper of the month, Rocket Peterson. This handsome guy has been coming to play with us for almost 2 years! He may be small but don’t let his size fool you. He is appropriately named because the Counselors describe him as a firecracker. There is no dog he cannot entice to play or person to pet him! Rocket’s favorite fur-iends are all much larger than he is. This doesn’t stop him from showing his might and wrestling them down! We always know when he is at camp because that Beagle-bark. He always has something to say and wants everyone to hear. We just love to snuggle with Rocket, the pint-sized dog with the BIG heart! Congratulations to a wonderfully spunky pup, Rocket!

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