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At McHenry We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow McHenry. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Max Hamblen


    Max Hamblen

    Age: 11.5 years
    Breed: Cockapoo
    Bio: This handsome boy has been coming to Camp since 2009, 10 years now! Needless to say he truly is an original member of the pack. Max has become such a staple here, he could practically train the staff himself! We love having Max come stay with us because he really enjoys playing with all his fur-iends. Even being a little older, has never held Max back from running and tearing around the play yard. He is a seasoned pro at helping new Campers get used to the routine. However, he does adore his snuggle time with all the Counselors. Max let's you know he is happy by humming with excitement which is the cutest sound ever. He even looks to be smiling all the time. We love this quirky, curly pup! Again, let's say congrats to Max!

  • Javelin McLaughlin


    Javelin McLaughlin

    Age: 1.5 years
    Breed: Corgi/Terrier
    Bio: Everybody help us HOWL into 2019 as we recognize our January Camper of the Month, Javelin McLaughlin! Everybody loves this adorable little pup since the first day she came to Camp, over a year ago now. She has a very unique look and no one can tell what breeds makes up her family tree. Javelin is a "regular" here but that's not how we would describe her! The Counselors love spending so much time with her because she comes to play about four days each week. One of her favorite play yard pass times is digging furiously at the ground! She uses this to draw the attention of all her play mates so they run over and then a game of chase begins. Even when it's time for her to leave, Javelin will grab the leash and try to walk herself out. There is never a dull day at Camp when our little fire-cracker is here. Please help us celebrate our one-of-a-kind girl, Javelin!

  • Molly Schirmer


    Molly Schirmer

    Age: 2.5 years
    Breed: Labrador Retriever
    Bio: It’s time to roll back those clocks and give thanks for our November Camper of the Month, Molly Schirmer! This gorgeous Labrador Retriever is now 2.5 years old and has been part of our pack for almost 2 years. Molly started off as a shy and quiet young pup who was glued to her big sister’s side. Then we watched as she became more confident and began to romp and play her days away! Our Camp Counselors adore Molly’s sweet nature and ability to befriend any dog. Now, Molly has a new little brother that she took under her wing. She showed him the ropes and helped him become a pup-tacular Camper too! We love how Molly is so excited to get to Camp to play, she literally drags her mom through the door. During her sleep overs, it’s a favorite to make her breakfast of milk and Cheerios. Molly is truly one of a kind! Help us celebrate this magnificent girl, Molly our little sweetheart.

  • Rocket



    Age: 4 years
    Breed: Beagle/Spaniel mix
    It’s time to get those treats out and PAW-ty down with our July Camper of the month, Rocket Peterson. This handsome guy has been coming to play with us for almost 2 years! He may be small but don’t let his size fool you. He is appropriately named because the Counselors describe him as a firecracker. There is no dog he cannot entice to play or person to pet him! Rocket’s favorite fur-iends are all much larger than he is. This doesn’t stop him from showing his might and wrestling them down! We always know when he is at camp because that Beagle-bark. He always has something to say and wants everyone to hear. We just love to snuggle with Rocket, the pint-sized dog with the BIG heart! Congratulations to a wonderfully spunky pup, Rocket!

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