Don't Forget To Sign Up For Our Training Opportunities!

We have two training opportunities, both starting soon!

On October 1st, we'll be holding a Leash Walking Seminar. The cost is $25 and the date is 10/1. If you sign up for another training class at our Camp, the $25 will get credited to your next class.

Our next course is our Level 1 Basic Obedience Course and it will be starting on October 8th! Basic Obedience is like Dog Ownership 101. Our trainer's goal is to give dog owners instruction and confidence in how to have a better relationship with their dog and to teach them how to get their pup to perform basic commands like sit, stay, and come. These classes are designed to help owners learn how to communicate with their dogs in the best way possible, for the dog and the owner.

Sign up at the Front Desk or call (702) 476-3647!